No Blizzard support? - Servers Down again

Hi Blizzard/ D2R team,

Since we know, D2R servers are unstable for almost 10 days. We would like to know:

1º) The connections issues has been identified?

2º)What are you doing to solve this problem?

3º) Is there a technical team working on it? - This question maybe is obvious, but we are almlost 10 days facing the same issue, so that made me asking that question

4º)Which workaround was created for players that can’t play this game onlie?

Obs: Blizzad is not a small company. 10 days facing the same issues and no solution was created. You, blizzard have no excuses.

PezRadar has a lengthily post explaining what is going on yesterday. It’s pinned at the top.

there’s a sticky on the top of this forum right now posted 21 hours ago with a huge write up on it.

they wrote a lengthy post explaining it already. Read the pins.