No 2.4 PTR - Pathetic

Huge balance changes are coming again.
Druid summoner for instance will receive a major buff. PezRadar has already teased it one day ago.

Wait some more days and have fun with all the updates.

yes and no it takes a great bit more work to copy the function of something using newer technology vs just making something new however you want to.

but it’s not this it’s remaking part of a monopoly game that has existed for over 21 years and having to make your new code work with that old game and make it seem like you changed nothing.

you will do anything to justify the incompetence. They have had years to make this work. It isnt a priority to them. That should be insanely obvious

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they have had years to fix a problem they couldn’t be sure would exist until 5 months ago?

if this single problem takes 5 months to fix they should all be fired and find a new career. They have alpha and beta testing, instead they picked a date to have the game sold by instead of it when it was ready. Thats a risk they took and to them it was a minimal risk because even if the game was broken they still got paid.


maybe they did that, and maybe they keep doing that so the problem will never get fixed and the ladder will never release because by the time the new devs are familiar enough with the code to do something they get fired for being too slow.

im pretty sure working slowly is a bonus for a blizzard employee. given that ladder was planned to be at launch and delayed 5 weeks prior and that we are at least weeks out, this will really be at MINIMUM a 7 month long issue to implement beyond what was originally planned. Not 7 months to implement, 7 EXTRA months to implement ladder. How are you not grasping how ridiculous that is?

it wasn’t planned to be at launch and wasn’t delayed 5 weeks prior.

People assumed it would be at launch (though not everyone because many of us thought it would be stupid to launch the ladder without testing the live servers and assumed it would be a week or 2 after)

it didn’t get delayed 5 weeks prior, it was confirmed by blizzard that it wouldn’t start on launch day about 5 weeks prior though.

it takes time to code software… also how do you know the ladder wont launch until the end of april?

you seem to be trying to rewrite history. It was absolutely planned to be at launch and a BIG part of the presale but then about 5 weeks prior to launch they changed it to “shortly after” since they had issues. You dont advertise features of a game that arent in the game. That isnt logical. That would be like advertising the druid with it not being in the game at launch, and then shortly after and then 5 months and no druid.

end of april would be 8+ months. You seem to have troubles understanding my math. It isnt 5 months at this point it is already more since the issue was known prior to launch. 6 months and one week at today is the minimum. given they will have ptr and other stuff there is no way it is less than 7 months from the time they announced “shortly after”. If they werent aware of the ladder issues at that point then thats even more concerning. Im aware it takes time. It doesnt take 7 months to implement an already designed feature into a 20 year old game. It just doesnt. unless of course it is no where close to a priority. If a simple ladder being added in took that long we would never have any new games coming out as the labor cost would be too great up front.

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He said about new guide, but we dont know what exactly so can’t say from now about a major buff unless if you know something more.
My speculation is they will allow multy summon, but is a guess.

lol alright believe what you want.

Yes, we definitely want them to rush the new ladder with all new runewords and balance changes for the first time in decades :smiley:

Or they could have put their two brain cells together and have released a ladder reset while they work on these new runewords and balance changes for 2.4.


Classic behaviour of blizzard. They just dont care dude.
We have radio silence for over 2 weeks now, we are on hold for 5 months for ladder when they said shortly after the release.

there is literally nothing they could do at this point that would be considered “rushed”

It has amazed me how many people have convinced themselves into believing the next PTR is going to have huge changes all from a single off-hand comment that didn’t even imply that.

He told someone making a 2.4 Druid Summoner Guide that he would have to change it. All that tells us is that one or more skill will be adjusted. It could literally just be a change to Raven.

Classic games are not priority for Blizzard, they already have your money therefore zero pressure to deliver content, look at WC3R last patch was in April 2021 since then radio silence, I’m pretty sure D2R will have the same fate, one year from now this game will be abandonware.

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