No 2.4 PTR - Pathetic

Yeah and meanwhile Bowzon is still a wannabe (in all aspects) java “Bozozon”, summoner druid is still garbanzo (thanks to the outdated overhauled afk/cheating magnet (pickit/botting) lootsystem) and barbs whirlwind is still bugged (randomly doing no dmg and BotD NOT triggering). All they did was a small amount of bugfixes and small tunings (not even all/mandatory ones like the barbs who is already the thrashiest class since this game is layed out to be played solo (which was not intended by blizzard) (but thanks again thrash overhauled lootsystem), but at least he has a decent mf potential with trav and is able to do solo ubers with omega expensive gear) which they could’ve done like 2-3 months ago already, but yeah they just simply don’t care it seems. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

You realize you’re posting on the D2R forum, right? What someone in your Warcraft club said is irrelevant.

Besides, the fact that a PTR patch time table changed from expected is hardly a disaster.

what was a disaster is d2r from start till now - locked character so can not play, crashes, cooldown on games
this was more like beta than proper launch
people simply want proper start finally

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Didn’t they actually say that PTR is ending and that there would be an update about another round with Ladder and more changes in “the cooming weeks”?

I expected 3-5 weeks honestly.

this attitude is complete trash. the alternative isnt between waiting 6 months and getting it right or a broken ladder. They lied from the start and I am so sick of people rationalizing it with the “id rather wait and they get it right” bs. They HAD to release at sept 23 as part of their pre sale and they didnt have the game ready so they said “shortly after” to try and buy time. Then realized there are enough people like you that will defend their incompetence and lack of effort. This is a 20 year old game that ALREADY had a ladder system. Nothing new to design in terms of functionality. If you think this is even close to acceptable then you will buy anything

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And they deleted the topic entirely before one hour more or less

Post still exist well and fair, just no longer pinned.

Learn your fact before spreading mis information just because it fit your viewpoints.

They said an updated version of 2.4 would return to PTR after “a week or so”. Been 2 weeks now with no update from the devs

They also said “in the coming weeks”

And this post is newer than that “in a week or so” post

Dude even the paid employees dont defend it as diehard as you

People are more upset with them being silent

Stuff can take longer, you might even not know when stuff will be done
But that is not an excuse for not even making an update post


Stating the truth =/= diehard defneding

you either ignored it or lack reading comprehension but 2.4 includes a bunch of new server code because as we all found out at launch the old code can’t handle the number of players and the non region locked characters.

yes people were worried about it before launch but so many people demanded they changed as little code as possible giving blizzard a free pass to be lazy and obviously they took it.

the community did this to themselves and now they are complaining about it…

All in all, i sort of wish i didnt buy it now (for the first time). Ladder and patch would have to be flawless to call this value for money.

Its a real shame, i had really high hopes.

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Reminder: “…we expect PTR to be offline for a week or so while we prep the next iteration and include ladder on the next launch of PTR for testing.” doesn’t mean a hard 1 week guaranteed. This was very clearly “We expect it to take this long based on our best guesstimate”.
Clearly things dragged out.

I mean nothing new functionally not nothing new coding wise. There is nothing to design or be creative about with the ladder. The format is already there. Yes I know they need to update and fix coding but the end goal is perfectly known before hand. That’s a huge part of the time. This simply isn’t a priority.

Edit : and yet again more blaming anyone but those responsible. This is 100 percent blizzards fault. Get a clue. If you blame the customer for a failed product your are delusional.

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Agreed. They could have provided another post explaining that. While I’m sure their posts go through a review process I can’t imagine a two sentence statement would take long

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it doesn’t matter if there is new functionality or not when code needs to work together it needs to actually work together no matter how it is designed to function.

blizzard is at fault but not 100% the customer base has to take some responsibility when they demand things from a product and the manufacture provides it and it winds up making the product worse.

Ok calm your milkers.
I saw someone posted, and i searched it a little. Didnt find it and reposted it here. You kid need to calm a bit. Maybe go talk to someone?

So they removed the pin, a bit right tho, the guy who started it.

Im aware that they still have things to do to make it work. Do you think I am claiming that they dont? You are arguing things I am not saying. It takes significantly more work to DESIGN and code a game vs simply having to fix and update codes when you KNOW what the finished product should look like and how it should function.

Coding a monopoly game is a lot easier than having to make up a new board game and then code it.

All the customers have demanded is what they paid for. Not sure why demanding ladder that was sold to me means it is my fault they cant make ladder work in a timely fashion. Blizz picked sept 23rd not me. blizz advertised ladder and then backtracked to “shortly after” which is a lie, not me.

No other place would someone be so ignorant as to find a way to blame the customer here.

Yes and they should communicate better instead of the constant radio silence. It’d be one thing to expect patience re: the ladder shortly after the release of D2R - but we’re 5 months in and no ladder reset in sight. It’s unacceptable.