[NL] WTT Grief PB for Grief BA

Got a 394/30 and 391/31 Grief PB, looking for similar stat BA, can add if needed.

I have 2 Zerk Greifs to chose from , I would be willing to trade. Shoot me an ingame and we can make it happen. Ill he online around 3am central and the 10am Saturday.

Stupid question: what’s the appeal of BA over PB? Style points? It’s a bit more dmg and range but with repair, yes? Doesn’t BA require a certain IAS roll for…WW barb or is this different now with WW change? Or to pair with Beast’s Fana? I don’t play barb but I’d still like to know what’s going on :sweat_smile:

Pairing with Beast is my intend, and it looks cooler, and I wanna use BOTD for PVP, so BA is better choice for me overall. Repair is a pain, but I don’t usually farm with my barb.

Added you, should be on tomorrow around that time.

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