NL - WTS 5 light Skillers GC

2 plain
2 with useless mods
1 with 4 dex
Offers individually or for all

Vex for 2 plainers? Lmk bud.

Sounds good to me.
I’m in game now. Just join me

Be there in a minute, gotta load up

VEX+PUL for the remainder?

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Hello, still looking for light charms?

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Whats left?

2 with useless mods and 1 with 4 dex

Offer Vex Mal

Edit: Added u

Hey Ark,
Let OldPlayer have them… I’ll wait till Ladder ends b4 I go shopping again :slight_smile:

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Can i pay you a vex rune for 2 light skillers?