[NL SC] Spring Cleaning - bases, craft mats, and other things

Eth 4os thresher - ohm
Sup Archon Plate 9% Ed - SOLD
3os Archon Plate 520 def - SOLD
Eth Kurast Shield 43 @res - ist
Eth Sup Sacred Rondache 13% Ed 279 def total 39@res - ist SOLD
Eth Sacred Armor 876 def - SOLD
Sup Monarch 12%ed 0os - ist (vex + ist total if you need me to socket for you)
5os Berserker Axe - ist SOLD

7% FHR 12@res
7% FHR 28 fire res

Andy’s 27 str 9 ll - SOLD
Gore Rider 188% Ed - pul

Crafting Mats
25 nefs - ist
20 sols - SOLD
120 junk jewels - SOLD

Let me know if you need anything.



Bumpppppppp 2020202020

i would take both archons for ohm Strelok#2413

hold it for me till tomorrow have to sleep now

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Holding them for ya mate

i will buy 4os eth thresher

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Sounds good man - add me and we’ll find a time to trade




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Bumping up 2020202020

Thanks for the trade!

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Bump bump bump 20202020

i would take this and 100 jj for 2 ist :wink:

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Sounds good man - will message you to figure out a time

Thanks for trade man!

Want to buy that 5os BA.

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You got it man - reserved for you. Will add you and set a time to trade

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I m free for quite a while, can trade when ever

What def this Sacred Rondage 39@ has ? Im interested

279 def total - let me know if you are still interested

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It’s a superior base… wonderful price man.

You should probably list the defense of the other exile base too, it matters for exile IIRC

And as rust said, Ist is so cheap for a superior base. Think I paid Ber for a sup ST base. Also SR has slightly higher smite dmg than the other bases, GL with the sale!