NL SC -PC 15/30 jewel

NL SC- What does a 15 IAS / 30 fire resist jewel cost now?

I’m guessing around a Ber? I paid Sur for 15/25, feel like i kinda overpaid tho lol.


It’s perfect tho so it should cost alot, there’s no perfect one at traderie at the moment so it’s not easy to find i suppose.

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i got offered 15ED mage plate enigma but i rejected lol

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I did some searches here and looks like the prices raised recently. One month ago, when I was looking for one, price was around BER.
now there is people buying for 2 BER.
That enigma offer is not bad

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But the enigma is a low roll 750 def. The lowest roll. I think i will still pass that rather then giving up my nice jewel for it lol.

Yeah, if you don’t need a enigma there’s no reason to take it. You would be changing an item that takes 1 spot in your inventory for other that takes 6 lol.

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True lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: 2000 character