Nintendo switch - no queue - no game

I can not play in my nintendo switch. There is a queue. The game doesn’t connect to the server and show an error… What does mean? I will not be able to play for something that I payed?. At least why there is not queue for nintendo switch?..


I am having a similar issue as well! I’m trying re-installing but this is absolutely abhorrent on blizzards part! Literally can’t play my online characters… :unamused:

PC version works fine Q’s are cancer but they work I guess…

Switch is nice for on the go though but I guess not right now

You’re getting a queue screen on the Switch? I’m not. The game just won’t play for hours at a time, even during off-peak hours.

Same here, no queue´s on switch just straight to error.
I can´t believe they didn´t look into this yet.
Blizzard, please respond to this.

Found this on the support page. " Update: 10/18/2021

The patch released on Friday for PC is now available on Xbox and PlayStation systems. The patch is still pending approval for Nintendo Switch, and we’ll provide an update once that has been released. Read more on the Diablo II: Resurrected forums:

Diablo II: Resurrected | 10.15 - PC/Console Patch Notes - Build 1.0.66477

A 20 year old game that has a queue the little community of switch players are now cut off for hours at a time for what? I’m really on the line about getting refund. Please @Blizzard it’s like you’re punishing console players, which we are really enjoying on the controller. Fix the servers, queues are ancient technology at this point, that’s really pissing people off.

So I’m on queue 163 since 38min now… My switch will run out of battery before I can play and I will have to work soon. Thank you. This game is broken. Where can I get a refund?

I’ve been in the queue literally for 20 hours straight, I had to charge twice and there was no movement in the queue at all, stuck on 302 for 20 hours…