Nice server blizzard

An issue occured while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.


yeah blizzard north died in 2005 last time they cared about anything honestly.

The Global database does not scale well to the Global application and traffic which is why servers were down from the 9th - 14th of Oct every day. They are working on it, but the temp game creation timer is a way to lower data flow while they work to fix it. The same goes for the Queue to log in.

What we are doing about it:

Rate limiting: We are limiting the number of operations to the database around creating and joining games, and we know this is being felt by a lot of you. For example, for those of you doing Pindleskin runs, you’ll be in and out of a game and creating a new one within 20 seconds. In this case, you will be rate limited at a point. When this occurs, :point_right:the error message will say there is an issue communicating with game servers: this is not an indicator that game servers are down in this particular instance, it just means you have been rate limited to reduce load temporarily on the database, in the interest of keeping the game running. We can assure you this is just mitigation for now–we do not see this as a long-term fix.

Full thread if you want all the tech details Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

We don’t care about database scaling or rate limiting. We care about loging into a game or oops I typed the name wrong and now I cannot log in! It doesn’t matter if we are loging in fast or not…type in a game name wrong and you are getting the “rate limit” error. I should be able to change the game name by backs paceing all day long with out this happening!

yeaaaa…temp game blah blah blah doesn’t have squat to do with my failing to join a full game and having this error message

I wish Blizzard would be like most companies who do web development and say, “Sorry. We no longer support OLD HARDWARE” ie. “We no longer support Internet Explorer” so all these people who refuse to upgrade their Gateway PCs can gtfo.

inb4 “I have a rtx 3800 TI and crashes” LMAO nope. You don’t. I have a 1080 Ti, 9800 processor 32 gigs of ram and all has been smooth and fine and no crashes like these people. Also UPDATE your drivers.

sucks getting this error cuz i have to completely close game and relaunch just to be put in que again and ultimately not be able to play cuz this is an endless cycle

You should not have to leave the game screen. The rate limit for game creation is only a minute or two. Then you can try again.

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I had no problems at all tonight. In fact I just finished playing for 9 hours doing boss runs on my Necro.