Next Hit Delay - is it real, is it still a bug or fixed

I read about Next Hit Delay for MA Assassin, most people claimed there is NHD, but there was one guy that said he confirmed with PTR that NHD doesn’t affect all three charges of Phoenix Strike.

The thread never saw an answer or a reply from a dev or something, so I’m wondering if there is actually NHD on Phoenix Strike or any of the elemental charge-up skills. NHD is obviously game-breaking if it does exist and I don’t want to run a build that is so heavily reliant on attack rating yet ‘overcharging’ will cause a loss of damage.

If someone can answer this dilemma, this would be nice, thank you.

Feels real on my pure claw ps sin.

The first 2 charge, ice and light, releases consecutively and i can see mobs that didnt die from the first charge not affected by the second.

For the 3rd charge it doesnt matter as the meteor is so slow by tge time it lands nhr counter resets anyway.

But then again most mobs in hell are immune to at least 1 element, the non damage could just be due to that.

I always release all 3 charge for all 3 elements. No white mobs left standing.

Sadly NHD still a thing. You charge 3 Phoenix Strike and if you release their at once, the chaos icecbolts ll prevent the chainlighning to deal damage on a few enemies. Also if you play Claws of Thunder, the charged bolts and second nova ll deal no damage aswell because the NHD.

So thats why PS still seems to underperform…
And so why make the martial arts skills able to unleash all charges at once in 2.4 if all charges wont deal the dmg bc of this sh*t… That makes no sense and thats so stupid and that needs to disappear.
I cant understand why they keep bullying some really cool builds already underperforming while there are things like hammers that explode everything in P8 without even having to worry about an immunity problem.
Thats just infuriating and stupid and makes no sense at all

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Ya, i never understand why the dev hasnt remove NHD already. It is almost as of they do not realized the existance of NHD at all

And yes, i can confirm NHD still exist, tried with blade sentinal qnd mobs not getting multiple damage from multiple sentinal within short period of time

I can see that the lighting (2nd charge) doesn’t hit when I use dragon claw. That way it limits your finishers to dragon tail and dragon flight … since with enough skills you have multiple dragon talon hits … I was wandering for quite a while why the lighting damage obviously doesn’t hit the target mob … Imo that should be fixed because it really cripples the whole idea of the build.