New to Druid.. advice welcome

I would like if you could really break that down and explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old.

I had to go look up the IK set (even tho I collected a set on a mule)… I had no idea it had such crazy attack rating bonus’s.

Good luck with your build man… mine went so fast (well, for me, it’s all relative I realize) I’m half tempted to start another character just for Werewolf build… but, probably just respec and make WW a little better while keeping a killer Zoo tho… choices… so hard to make… Ha.

This works for zealot really well too BTW. For some reason I thought we already talked about this method.

  1. Enable quick cast bar.
  2. Set Fury as a hot key for the left mouse skill slot
  3. Go into controls and set up a secondary button for whatever hotkey you set Fury to. Say I set LMB F1 to Fury, then in controls I set a secondary button to F1 also, say the back button on my mouse, MB5.

Now when I press the back button on my mouse, Fury is selected on the LMB skill slot and the Druid walks to the mouse pointer, attacking with fury any enemies he sees on the way. This is less critical on Druid, since I could just set Fury to RMB and attack move by clicking and holding RMB, but it’s really nice on a Zealot so aura can stay on RMB since they can’t go on LMB.

Let me know if that makes sense!

I was actually tempted to suggest you just make a second one when your last post was conflicted! :laughing:

OK, I think we did in the Pally forum, and, I think we are doing similar things… I just use the keys A S Z X… to switch skills/aura’s… whatever, and…
Wait a minute…
Are you saying I can quick cast Feral Rage, have it charge up, while (at the same time as) doing Fury?

No I think you still have to use them separately, just can be easier to attack move with both to alternate with setups similar to this.

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thanks… I truly appreciate the dialog…
Since you mentioned “Death” earlier, I’ll keep an eye out for an eth Decapitator for you.
guessing you saw Sasquatch thread

I did see that but actually feel like it’s been fairly common knowledge ever since they made the ias changes to WW, maybe due to his thread initially, then I heard it through the grape vine after that thread for traction in the community and now that the thread got bumped I’m seeing the thread that started it all for the first time hah.

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Forgot to touch on this, yeah it has really nice res, stats and ar bonuses. Belt has %PDR, gloves end up with dual leach and ias, just really handy all around once you get to the 3-6 pieces worn bonuses.
Missing out on the full set will hurt that somewhat but the 5 pc bonuses are still pretty nice for a WW druid. It’s a fun set on the barb but the 2.4 ww 2h ias changes hurt it’s already lack luster dps.

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It has begun.
Got him to lvl10 last night… oh my, he is terrible LOL!
Finished off the night with a visit to Kashya, who gave me Paige, a cold Merc (yay, I prefer the cold Merc) and I had found a 3 socket bow that I threw 2 f.topaz’s and a f.ruby in… hope that helps.
I don’t have any gear below lvl28 I can twink him with, so, normal is gonna be slow going.

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Yeah I can’t give you advice there as I didn’t respec from fire elemental druid until Norm Baal, aside from my standard melee twink load out is Isenharts and or Sigons (I really like full Isenhart + Sig gloves/belt/boots combined bonuses). I could probably scrounge up some of similar for you, but I suspect you’ll outgrow it so fast it may not make sense.

For WW Fury druid though I’d probably try to use 2H weapon, so maybe a 2H axe or something. I used Bonesnap from my respec point until I could equip Gavel of Pain / Pierre Tombale Couant, but that’s (Bonesnap) not an option until 26 (if you even have one).

I’m sure it will pick up for you soon!

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Have not been playing him much, but, finally got to level 14, so, tossed on Vidala’s boots.
Been using a yellow 2h axe with dual leach that i found, and just now found a pelt with +2-WW, +1-Lycan and +2-Raven, so, I fired up 5 Ravens (had 3 skill points remaining, +2 gives me all 5, lucky)… twinked him earlier with GreyForm armor.

I think I have a Sigons and a Isenharts on a mule… will have to go check.
I’ve never paid much attention to Sets, so, I’m very ignorant.

Really enjoy the discussion - Thanks.

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Doing Countess runs on my lvl99 DualDream Pally, and just found a 5 socket decapitator… not eth.
Let me know if you want.

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Just found one, 222%ed… crushing blow and resists are welcomed… lvl24 is a ways away.
Getting the Ravens in the air, Paige dealing cold/lightening/fire is welcome, and, a little faster R/W,with unlimited stamina is awesome.
Andy gave me nothing… Headed to scene 2 of act 1

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Ty for offer but I’ll probably hold out for Eth. I’m not sure I even have any Vex left after making my trav barb eBotD CB and eDeath CS so I’ll probably be farming a while anyway! I’m poor enough that Vex is actually a lot to me lol.

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Well, I got to ActII, and I don’t ever remember Radament being soo hard.
I used up my Akara to respec him - had 4 points in FireStorm, and to put raven points back into WereWolf.
He’s worse.
Monsters with Bow/Arrow or throwing Spears are eating him up.
I think I need to go to a 1 hand weapon and find a decent shield, or, give up on him and go FireStorm or Zoo until I get past level 30.
OMG he’s terrible… LOL.

OK, I went shopping my mules.
I had a Bloodrise Morning Star, a SteelClash Sheild, BloodFist Gloves, Eye of the Etlich, Manald Heal and a random FRC ring with 20Light res, 22 Poisin Res and 93 attack rating… also found I have no Sigons stuff, but, thew complete Isenheart set on… and a Death’s belt for CNBF…

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Ok, level 14 to 18 was really tough, and I almost gave up and went Fire or Summons… but, that Isenheat set combined with the gloves/boots/jewelry I noted above has transformed this guy.
Got the scroll/cube/staff with relative ease, and, am headed to get the Viper Ammy…
Ancient Tunnels was actually fun.
Paige has been having a rough go… put the GreyForm armor on her, hope that helps.
Gotta go check my Bows mule and see what I have, or, shop a OS bow and load it up with Pgems now that I have the cube.

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BloodRise Morning Star and SteelClash Shield seem to be working better than full Isenhearts… so, gonna stick to that for now.
Had a Spectral Shard on mule I tossed on off hand (it’s eth, so…) for casting the Ravens…
Really close to lvl27, and have Spirit Shroud ready for lvl28… about to meet the council… Fire res is only 18… I’m afraid…

Hit lvl27 as I cleared all but the Council… rolled in on those guys and Paige got eliminated pretty much immediately… fire did her in quick… cast a Raven (over and over) as I saw one go down… and smashed and thrashed till it was over. Got through… off to see how Meph is doing.

This morning I took a break from Mr. Wolf and ran my Tesladin for some keys (unsuccessfully I will note) and in the process dropped an eth Beserker’s axe, and within minutes a 3 socket Archon Plate with 55x defense… decide to lottery an Enigama, and rolled the best one I have yet to roll… 774%ED… for a 1289 total.
Additionally, over the weekend, found an eth Decapitator (sorry Insi, gonna hold onto this one) and an El rune… so… if I ever complete the Laz quest, gonna roll another Death.
Slow progress, but… enjoying it.

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gosh dang-it, forgot to get the heart, and I hate the sewers…

Off to Act IV at level 27 as Melee… LOL!
20 stat points in hand, and 3 skill points… waiting for lvl30… I think

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OK… act IV has gone well, and I’m off to river of flame… lvl27 Wolf… with 5 Ravens…

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Well, I had totally forgotten about the BoneSnap (put it on a mule), so the Diablo fight was quite a a show running BloodRise and SteelClash Shield… Didn’t die, but oh my goodness that took some doing… was back to town once to revive Paige and stock up on Rejuv’s.

BloodyFoothills was going painfully slow, and, lightbulb moment… grabbed the mule, and, BoneSnap has made him quite a machine.
Finally got to level 30, and started putting points in Fury… Now… that has made a major improvement… get a couple hits in with FeralRage then swap to Fury… and, that skill is well named.
Finished off Baal at clvl35, and, only needed use 1 mana pot… was pretty quick.
Paige survived, Ravens and OakSage died pretty early.

I have a FleshRender Club, Tiamets shield and LidlessWall shield I think I might try as I level… (in stash, not on mule where I will forget LOL!)
I was going to roll my Merc a better bow, but I still have not been able to collect/roll the Pgems I want… and she can now run the Kuko Shakaku… (She’s got a eth Peasant Crown and a ViperMagi equipped now as well)
Forgot to run Nihla… so, just completed that…
30 stat points, and 5 skill points in hand.

Off to nightmare.

In NM, I had 0 resists… so grab’d a ViperMagi for me. now have 29 all res, and poison is at 63… (but I gave up CNBF…hmm…) gonna try SilkWeave boots ilo Vidala’s… we’ll see how that works.

ETA #2;
The HellForge gave me a Thul… a Psapphire and a Fdiamond… Hmm.

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Well… losing interest here, so, there is that.
Put a Duriel’s armor on with the FleshRender and the Tiamats… put some of my left-over plain Summons charms on, and put 1 point (11 total) into Spirit Wolves, Dire Wolves and Bear.
He’s a lot of fun.

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