Nerfing the frw from 5% too 3 % is a terrible mistake

i think nerfing the faster running walk charm from 5% too 3% are a terrible mistake

this just reinforced the teleport spam meta of enigma , i dont understand the point why they drop this from 5% too 3% for me is just obvious they are just saboting the game before to leave , any game have a patch that change the game and flip up side down all the gameplay and all meta , i never see this before to any other game


I’m completely unaware of this nerf, where did you find this out? Thanks.

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you just have to be a legacy player and you will remeber back them charm use to be 5% and nerf for 1,10


D2 LOD released June 27, 2001
Patch 1.10 , released October 28, 2003

So get over it no one cares. Those two measly years of pre enigma LOD are history.
For 18years Enigma rules Supreme.

You are free to play D2 Classic even now without any Enigma. Go create classic character.


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Facts dont care about your feelings :man_shrugging: ?

But EZD.

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Why is this in PTR feedback section?


Whatever the eni lovers say: Buffing walking as a mode of getting to places of interest would greatly increase build diversity and be an - albeit minute - buff to the underpowered melee fraction: We all know that physical-damage chars HAVE to wear fortitude end-game, so they won’t have eni.


yep melee have to use fortitude mean they lack the 8% dr to reach the 50% cap dr
and lack the 45% frw and have the charm nerf too 3% this very clear 1,10 is a sabotage patch before they leave blizzard ,

They could make them 10% per small charm and people would still use teleport.

heavy frw cause desynch and its nasty in pvp…for pve you dont need a huge amount(make it hard to click mobs with too much)…though i would not oppose to a new quest that boost frw by 5-10% for each difficulty

would not be as impactfull as 40 copy of frw sc but would be nice to help leave town faster

this is a weak excuse so many feature cause desynch ww slow ect, but sure the 45% frw on engima :thinking: dont cause any desynch :clown_face:
plz give me a break :man_facepalming:

45% frw Ă·3%charm = 15 charm :roll_eyes:

reading this forum make me lost faith in humanity :man_facepalming: :roll_eyes:

spamer want to spam teleport in god mode and they call them self diablo 2 player :rofl:
so so weak d3 player playing d2

40 sc with 3% = 120% twice what nigma give and already cause some desynch to a bad extent(i know what a lld pnb necro feel like with 160% frw(sander boots + 40 3% sc charms)

at 200% frw from charm that be even worse and may even cause some walk over walls glitch issues…40% boots…45% nigma…30% cat eye amy…BoS(63%)…vigor bow(36%)

total of 414% frw

edit: well vigor bow probably would not be use so the player got a good weap equip but meh

I agree Charley.

The frw on SCs should be put back to 5% for the sake of keeping frw viable in both pvm and pvp.

In pvp now that desynch has been removed, it isn’t so easy to kite from fcr anymore when you are on frw. It would help a lot in pvp to just be able to move faster in general.

And then in pvm if there was 5% on SCs, something like a Fortitude wearing Shape Shift Druid would be able to make better pace with something like a max fcr Hammerdin.

It doesn’t desynch anymore like it used to. If you are seeing what you think is desynch, it’s lag related, not actual desynch.

This is not an issue. On original D2 we had zons in the ZvZ ladder that had well over 200% due to expensive inventories full of old pre .08 5% SCs and no such bugging ever occurred. Over 200% run will surely make you fast, but it doesn’t allow you do anything other than be fast.


didn’t see it in the patch notes that desynch got fixed or was it fixed pre-release ?

FRW is diminished to 120% ceiling, so moving will always be slower than teleporting, also ignoring obstacles makes tele superior even if there was no cap.

FYI, no one uses teleport skills in D3 seriously, it’s all about stacking uncapped run speed there. Just like what you’re trying to push here.

I support the return to 5%. I’d also like to see boosts to frw in other areas, like uniques/sets/runewords offering more frw, or vigor aura, or increased speed, or burst of speed…

It would give us an alternative to teleport. Enigma would still be best, but this would help ease some of the sting of not using it.

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Diminished to 120%? I don’t understand what you mean by this.
This is how frw progresses: Photobucket | frw.jpg
The numbers next to the actual frw% is how many yards you move per second with that much given frw.

I’ve checked the wiki, and it’s actually 150%, my bad. I’m taking about Item_FRW part of this equation:

EffectiveWalkSpeed = BaseWalkSpeed * (1 + Skill_FRW / 100 + [Item_FRW * 150 / (Item_FRW + 150)] / 100 + Armor_Speed / 100)

This X*C/(X+C) formula makes sure that you cannot go over C and that you get diminishing returns on increasing X. Like, if you have 0 FRW and add 30%, your effective increase would be 25% of BaseWalkSpeed (or 1.5 y/s), but if you have 150% FRW and add 30% more, your effective increase would be only ~8.1% of BaseWalkSpeed (or 0.49 y/s).

It’s not a hard ceiling though, it just means it’s got diminishing returns.

The point about always being slower than teleport is right, especially with D2R that can be played in a higher res screen which is an indirect buff to teleport.

Knowing this, I can probably concede that 5% FRW small charms help to offset against teleport’s buff in D2R.

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