Need New Forum and New Pinned Thread

We need a new Help Forum.

And not necessarily a “New Player” Help Forum.

We need a place to direct players (some new, some returning) where they can get general help with D2 gameplay.

We are receiving many bug reports. Most of them are legitimate. But, many of them are players who do not understand how D2 works. We need a place where they can move their threads without flooding the General Discussion Forums.

We need a pinned thread in the Bug Report Forum.

A How to Write a Good Bug Report thread, like the one in the D3 Bug Report Forum:

That is, if all Blizzard Forums operate under the same forum rules.

Our current D2 Bug Report Forums are getting rather…   messy.

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I see that a Writing a good bug report pinned thread has been added to the PTR Bug Report Forum. We need to have this copied to the D2:R Bug Report Forum as well.


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