Natalya's Tiger Tail Sin

When starting up with a martial arts sin, I’d recommend you clear normal how ever you’d like, but take the time to find a 4+ socket long/crystal sword for Nightmare. Long Sword is the fastest 4x socket sword available in Normal, and Crystal Swords found in the Nightmare Far Oasis and onwards will get 6 sockets from Larzuk. You’ll then want to respec to either Phoenix Strike or Tiger Tail and put 4x Eth runes in to the sword for “-100% Target’s Defense”.

This will put all normal, champion, and unique monsters at 0 Defense, and will put Super Unique and Bosses at -50% Defense. It’s extremely hard to hit with charge up skills when you have bad gear or if a monster is a higher level than you, but this fixes that issue. Works great for the blade sin as well if you choose to start with that.

Other way to fix chance to hitThere’s a key item you can find once you’re fighting in monster level 20+ areas and shop for once you hit level 30. You can find magic Katars with Ignores Target Defence vs lvl 20+ monsters and you can buy ITD magic claws from Anya in normal once you hit 30. This helps immensely when playing through nightmare and hell and since your weapon dmg doesn’t matter with most martial arts skills, they can be used all the way through the game. It’s extremely hard to get a good chance to hit with bad gear and when monsters are a higher level than you it becomes near impossible to hit sometimes, but ITD fixes that and you can save CoS for champions and such.

Also when using kicking skills, there is the safety greaves/war/myrmidon boots recipe. They can be a good substitute while waiting for a solid unique or set item. Also don’t forget you can up normal level set and unique boots to exceptional. Once you hit hell, you might want to grind countess for a bit and get an act 5 merc with law bringer (Lem) or if you can trade for it, get an act 2 reapers toll merc. It won’t fix fire immunes, but it will take care of most physical immunes, and it’s also a solid bump to your kick dmg.

This is what I am for when starting nightmare with a martial arts sin:
Death’s sash can be farmed off normal’s cow king once he’s unlocked, something like ~1:75 chance to drop the sash I think. So definitely a targetable drop if you want to put the time in.


i’ve tried this build in the past but my main problem was the lack of FHR (Nat set offers none) so i had to socket the entire chest with 3 SHAEL + bartuc offhand just to be able to reliably charge up my tiger strike and not get interrupted all the time.

86% 4 frames FHR is a must because with ~ 60% block from claws and zero FBR you will get hit a lot.
so my advice, instead of dual claw just go with SS and max block

But hey, maybe i was not playing it correctly :slight_smile:

I am using jade talon offhand which offers 30% FHR. 6 frames are already enough at 27% FHR break point, you can go down to 5 frames with 48% FHR ( easily achievable with charms and jade talon). More fhr is just overkill. With claw block you shouldn’t get hit as often.

I was able to finish the game without Sunder Charm or high end gear.

I started with some NM terror zones and I got lucky with a Vampire Gaze, switched to cows nightmare with the added DR where I farmed some gems. With the farmed gems I bought Natalya Set, trash torch and anny and from there was relatively easy. Even with non-upgraded boots I was able to farm Stony Tomb easily. Stony Tomb is great farming spot for this build even without good gear or sunder charm. I leveled to 85 there and decided to finish the game. Had hard time clearing chaos sanctuary and throne of destruction (souls, dolls, b***s, etc.). Had to kite out minions of destruction but the rest of the waves were child’s play with Lower Resist wand. Ancients were relatively easy too.

I enjoyed the playthrough a lot with this build playing on a macbook with controller.

Some footage:

imgur .com/a/3nzeDr0

Gear & build: maxroll .gg/d2/d2planner/7a0106jw

Remove the space from the links if curious :slight_smile:


Good job at doing that, very solid build without sunders and lower resist wand trick also helps with a javazon. I advise you to try the sunder version thought. You’re going to be delighted. That’s players 8 footage during a baalrun:

I am in the process of making a sturdy, non glass cannon version with enigma. Also, with sunders chaos sanctuary becomes pretty much a joke:

Your build is worth revisiting.

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I’m curious what weapon you ended up picking until you got Nat’s claw?

First ITD claw and then 40IAS fouls mod rare claw - imgur .com/nfPoL3X

1200AR is pretty good boost vs champs and uniqs