More Magic Immunes Needed

The “Black Cleft” magic charm is utter garbage. There is only one use for it in the game and that is to take it out of your cube during wave 2 Baal. That’s it. I would like to propose to the developers to change some super unique monsters in Hell difficulty to be Magic Immune to give this charm more purpose (few examples to consider):

  • The Summoner
  • Radament
  • Lord De Seis
  • Bone Ash
  • Bishibosh

Specifically for Terror Zones, the developers should consider adding Magic Immune monsters to offer more challenging TZ content. At the very least, I recommend making monsters in TZ’s have a minimum Magic Resistance of 33%.


The charm need to be more than 95% to have more purpose in fact, otherwise its useless anyway, no matter who is immune.

The magic immune monster will be reduced to 95% regardless of their starting resistance. That’s why it’s important for the developers to sprinkle in more magic immune monsters throughout the game (e.g. The Summoner, Lord De Seis, Bone Ash). This would make the Black Cleft magic charm useful.

I don’t really like the idea of making quest required monsters magic immune since some builds (Bone Necromancer) are magic only.

Rather I’d like some new magic immune monsters that are more aggressive and dangerous than the current magic immune monsters.

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I agree with that. Even if the Summor was MI, he would still be a wet noodle for the merc and die within a few seconds.

It does not make the charm useful coz 5% dmg is terrible in this game.

A 14k hammer will do 700 dmg on a mob with 11k+ hp, no one will ever stay 14 seconds killing trash.

5k bonemancer will do 250

You cant lower it, so its terrible anyway. The problem is not the lack of immunes, is the way magic res works.

Now, if you put mgic res on lower res, we could start talking. But that will be too strong for hammers without lowering their dmg to around 9k at least.

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Whatever changes you make to Monster immunity affects those who play Classic and those who do play Classic have no access to Charms, much less these Sunder Charms. Therefore, you’re making the game harder for Classic players for no other reason than to justify a broken item that shouldn’t be introduced in the first place.

It’s the same philosophy when “updating” Sets and Normal tier Uniques that happen to be available on Classic. Whatever changes you propose has to take that into account. You don’t have to make Monster’s Immune to raise the difficulty of the game. Just set Magic Resistance to match Physical Resistance. Since most Monsters roll with 0 Magic Resistance, it’d be buffing their Resistance by a big chunk(0 → 50 in many cases). It won’t create more Magic Immune Uniques since Mana Burn only raises Resistance by 20%(hence at most 70) but it’d certainly make Magic builds take some extra time to take a monster down. Combine that with Skill rebalancing(aka nerfing Hammerdins) and you might take an S-Tier build and drop it a peg or two.

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This is one of the reasons I suggested that Lower Resist should lower magic resistance as it once did in older patches of D2.

Nice buff to PvM necros (and Berserk barbs if they want to use a LR charges wand) while allowing an easy workaround for PvPers and it’d give the magic Sunder charm some actual usage.

The only thing is the devs would need to make hammers only take a monsters base magic resistance into account so that they don’t also benefit from the change, because hammerdins obviously don’t need any buffs and they can use Holy Bolt for magic immune undead anyways (yeah I know that was “nerfed” in 2.4 with the HB synergy change, better allocate those ~20 leftover skill points to HB rather than Holy Shield, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:).


That would be a good change (make it so hammers don’t benefit) and this mitigates any potential issues.

Agree with the point of your topic being more, prominent monsters, should be magic immune to make the journey for the hammerdin obtaining the charm, more challenging.

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