Martial Arts got a nice boost

yeah, the kicks only consume 1 charge, which is nice.

Talon will multy kick and release all charges at once, resulting in alot of damage.

The discosin is my new favorite build!:sunglasses:

It’s fun. The damage is great, it’s a bit wonky to use, and survival is difficult, but the build is close. I had a lot of fun. It melts bosses if you can land hits.

The Martial Art changes are great.

I highly recommend you use Quick Cast skills when playing the elemental Martial Arts specs, it allows you to have very precise control of the skills you use, and allows you to switch around skills way quicker. It creates much more fluid gameplay and relieves some of the stress and wonkiness when playing the specs.

Yeah, but how is Dragon Claw? Are dual claws viable in any way?

Easiest way to get +6 martial arts skills is 2x bartucs, and the elemental skills you want to focus on + skills to boost dmg. So yea, claws are definitely useful. Getting some fools claws with useful skills would definitely be handy, but impossibly hard to find.

I haven’t messed around with Dragon Claw and purely physical martial arts sin personally yet.
Been using these two specs so far:
Tiger Tail:
I got Dragon Tail hitting for 114k dmg, and that’s before resistances are taken into consideration.

Phoenix Sin:

you can download either spec from my guides if you’d like to try them yourself.

Martial Art Guides:

The fun thing is that, with dual claws, you basically dont need any extra speed from the tree after burst. Its really fun. And even losing some dmg because of all skills, draculs has made my sin almost immortal.

Have you tested whether the chain lightning from Phoenix strike & nova from Claws of Thunder stack? I read some sources claiming that these don’t stack (next hit delay), so actually the hit target won’t take that much damage.

Next Hit Delay is definitely an issue with those skills still. Even the Frozen Orb and Lightning Storm on Phoenix Strike overlap a ton and cause issues. It’s not as detrimental as it seems though, mind you I do wish they’d remove the NHD to beef up the damage for those skills. They’re doing great as is, but it would smooth things out a ton.

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I’m a very heavy barbarian player, and I would likely see myself playing martial arts sin with these changes. I only play melee because of the years of banging my head against the wall as a caster.

Yeah, hope this could be fixed. I played both Phoenix & Traps; MA build is in a much worse position… I posted a bug report here:

Well you have to draw the line somewhere. Because then you just plie up power, to the point where you’ll end up seeing the nerfhammer comeing down fast, and whitout mercy.

Damage is fine IMHO for a finnercky game play with this build. Still think abit more survivability couldn’t hurt. They should try and give some builds a minor damage reduction to help survive.

You could stack charges from different skills before too. They are now released differently (one charge from each skill per hit).
Imo the elemental damage is good, survivability lacks with dual claws.

I guess with quick cast it’s just far less cumbersome to stack everything

I tried this and they kept expiring before I could release the finisher :sob: I kept finding my self with about 6 charges every time. I guess my attack rating was too low?

I would prefer it if they upped the amount of time each charge is kept. I did notice, though, that the “it uses one charge” idea is really “it uses one of each type of charge” so the “finishing” phase is still really short :frowning: I was also disapointed by that.

Also also: you can list whatever numbers you want, it still felt weak considering I had to be in melee range the whole time.

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How? They persist untill you attack whit a finisher or regular hit. You shure you didn’t accidentally hit whit a regular attack? And what is so bad about spending one of each charge? Use dragon tail whit one kick, or dragon flight, that’s also one attack, you can now hit 3 different enemies. And whit all of each charged released, the dmg is much more better now.

No they don’t, all charges last for 15 seconds, the timer resets if you use your charge skill again, and each skill has its own charge timer.

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Then I was just lucky finding enemies whitin 15seconds. But 15 seconds should be enough. Ok maybe 20.