Make Grandfather Great Again #MGGA

Those would be fantastic changes. It would be awesome finding an Ethereal Grandfather with 30% IAS and ignore target defense, and it opens up many possibilities with 3 OS after placing a Zod rune in there. You could put 40/15’s in there for %ED/IAS, Lo runes for DS, or Ber runes for CB. Not sure what would be optimal as there are many options…

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Exactly thats the point also! You can choose yourself if you want deadly strike, crushing blow, more damage, more speed.

In my quick calculations I forgot ethereal weapon need Zod rune. So only 4-os can be on par with Grief.

Like to hell with it! Give us even 5-os Grandfather!

There is also 3-os ethereal Tombreaver that was/is meta for werewolfs. It is pretty hard to get 3-os and ethereal and Tombreaver drop alone. Not to speak about 40/15 jewels and Zod to put in. So those things justifies the weapon having good damage and stats.
From the same perspective I think we should make Grandfather possible to roll as best in slot weapon.
So simply having 2 necessary stats:

  • Indestructible removed,
  • possibility to roll 2-5 open sockets

Nice initiative !

As for me, I would add these changes :

  • 11-14 to Vengeance
    35% chance to cast lvl 9 Lower Resist on Striking

What? Add that to the GF? Nah.

Tomb Reaver is a great weapon, no doubt. But 5os with the ability to roll as Eth is absolutely overkill.

Not saying I wouldn’t dislike that – but that would hands down make it such an abusrdly good weapon it would just add powercreep to the game. You don’t need to add native 30% IAS or all those other mods you suggested if it has 4-5 available os. You can add those mods yourself.

Overall interessting changes, but before adapting things like this, i would like them to attend to the core problem, which remains base damage from my point of view!

Nevertheless something like ias or open sockets would, even after adapting the base damage, be necessary because GF is simply far too slow and thats the major issue of this weapon…

I hope i won’t find it, until it’s buffed. This occurrance would have some tragic scent for me…

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Agreed about buffing base damage across the board for weapons, but this is not likely to happen in the near term. This is why I’m requesting they buff one of the most iconic weapons in the game as it should take a lot less effort on their part. Change one item as opposed to hundreds.

Why not just keep the indestructible and make it always spawn ethereal?

Also, buffing weapons base damage also buffs runewords. Grandfather should be compared to Grief and BOTD


remove indestructible, add 3 socs, some small ias, extra exp, CHANCE to block.
How a experienced warrior couldnt know how to use his weapon to parry a attack?

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Powercreep for weak melee classes? Hell yeah!!
Will it make melee strong as casters? Hell no!!

No… lets look at numbers:

5os ethereal = 1 Zod, 4 sockets x 40%enh dmg jewels usually, 160% enhanced dmg + upto 250% enh dmg = 410% enh dmg. (*means x 5,1 damage)

  • Ethereal Collosus blade: 37 - 97 dmg
  • With % enhanced damage: 37 x 5,1 and 97 x 5,1: 188 - 494 dmg
  • With 240 maximum damage: 188 - 734 dmg: 461 average damage.
  • Now Grief in Collosus blade with 15% enh dmg superior mod has 28 - 74 +400 = 428 - 474 dmg: 451 average damage. So such Grandfather would have 10 more average damage. Nothing basically.
  • No deadly strike, No Ignore target defense, No 150+% damage to demons.

Now how is it so much better than Grief that I should worry about powercreep?
Plus to mention: it is ridiculously hard to drop such a top-end upto 250% 5os ethereal Grandfather, its much easier to roll upto 400dmg Grief.

Now give me any arguments and numbers or its pointless to continue.

I already posted above what an eth 250% ED GF would look like with even 3os for a 40x15 would be like.

If it had 5os for a zod and four 40x15’s it would be pretty nuts. Ignore target defense doesn’t work on bosses, and other items like gore riders, highlords, etc give deadly strike.

Are you looking to replace the grief runeword entirely with a grandfather or are we just looking to improve it and add a little bit of flavor with the 10% Increased xp gained?

Unless the dev’s specifically say “we a buffing the GF and we want your feedback” this entire topic is pointless, but you can go on ahead and be angry on the internet for no reason because someone disagreed with you. Sure.

First of all I am not angry at you or anything and I don’t mind if someone disagrees.

Yes I would like to use other weapon than Grief with same power, but looking more cool.

And I know how hard would it be to get such a weapon. Been trying Holy grail, dropped maybe 2-3 Grandfathers altogether. Now for it to be even ethereal is bit insane. On Bnet of course more players means more grandfathers. Still being ethereal + upto 250% damage, and if 2-5 os can roll. Thats very low chance to get the high-end Grandfather. Plus high demand for such item and low supply makes it really the hard to obtain endgame item. So from this I expect for it to be on par if not better than Grief.

Therefore I think bold move to have upto 5 os is not an overkill, alto it seems so from distance. For example with 2.4 I like how they almost removed Quantity need from throwing weapons. Bold move paired with success. And then small changes they did to some characters/set items are basically unnoticable.

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Agree with chance to block on Grandfather and use weapon to parry an attack.

this whould be nice yes

This would make The Grandfather similar to Ethereal Edge in that it is spawned as both Ethereal and Indestructible. This gives the weapon’s base damage a 50% bonus while removing the worry of the item breaking.

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That’s the entire point. BOTD is always in a eth base with up to 400 ED and 60 IAS. Grief is almost always in a super fast phase blade with up to 400 damage AND an additional 30 to 40 IAS.

Grandfather should, at the very least, be better than Oath (+210-340 ED, +50 IAS) or Death (+300-385 ED, +50 Crushing Blow, +26.5-49.5 Deadly Strike)

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Completely agree with you on this!

They are both mid to low tier runewords that both have the indestructible mod.

Hell, even the low level runewords like Obedience (+370 Ed, +40% crushing blow) or the new Unbending Will (+300-350 ED, +20-30% IAS) are vastly superior to all of the rarest unique melee weapons in the game (Grandfather, Schaefer’s Hammer, Cranium Basher, etc)…


Dont’t forgot about Messerschmidt’s Reaver.

I would love this. There are two weapons I can think of right now that have always been my favorites; The Grandfather and Windforce. I really like the eth and 2-3 socket idea. How rad to be able to leverage this sword as a potential BIS item? I like the idea of the chase. I’ve never found an eth 3 soc Tomb Reaver, for example.


It was included via the “etc” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: