[Main Thread] - Can not create or join games - "character is already in a game"

Same here,

EU Region, 4h

Battle Tag: Semos#2368
Character: All Chars
Region: Europe
Platform: PC
Timezone of lockout: 11:15 AM CET

please unstuck.
4 hours now.

3 Days over 80 hours i have been locked out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

It has been fixed for me now.

Problem fixed for me too after 3 days, thx guys :slight_smile:

Hey all,

We’ve escalated the players here who have been stuck for over a day and the developers are trying to find out why your specific characters are not unlocking. I understand that for those of you who ARE getting locked, it’s extremely frustrating to be unable to log in. The problem is happening rarely, so we’re using the info in this thread to try and diagnose why only a few players are getting locked every day, and why of those players some of you are not being unlocked when we attempt to unlock them.

We appreciate the info so far. The devs are also also working on the things that are causing characters to get locked in the first place to try and prevent people from being stuck online for more than 10-15 minutes, but we don’t have an ETA on that yet. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else.

For anybody who’s new to the thread, these are our current instructions we’re using to investigate the players who are still having problems that last longer than 24 hours.


My characters have been unlocked.

Also, if any dev reads this. In my group of friends, I think only those of us who have the SPOKEN language set to Spanish (EU) and TEXT language set to ENGLISH are experiencing crashes and locks. Just an idea maybe worth digging into.

Another thing I noticed in my last lock is that it happened when I tried to join a game through the right click in the friends panel and it was full. It got me in a limbo and when going back to characters screen I had to click “cancel joining”. It was then when I go locked and could not join/create games.

Same here, EU Region …

Problem solved, thx a lot.

maybe you can do it more often? for example 4 or 6h 24 is a long time, dont you think so? anyway now i have same problem as others all my heros are locked

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Moreover, they could set up an scheduled task on the server to run the script even more often, every hour or so. With less users to unstuck on every run, it should run ligther.

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I’m locked out on all characters

Acct: CowboyUp #11660
US Servers on PC

Lost connection to the game server (not my internet) and am all locked up now.

Same here, locked out for about 14 hours now.

Lacrima#2202 (Europe)
Waiting randomly for 12-36 hours is not really a solution to play a game you bought for the second time…


Imagine a AAA game companies fix to this is like Diablo II Original where the server resets after two days…thats the fix for Diablo II Original when this exact same bug happens.

But for D2R its a 24 hour wait…lets run our release script once every 24 hours like really?

Thats really not good enough.

Love how Blizzard never update on things anymore. Pathetic customer service.

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That would be common sense but its Blizzard we are talking about.

Stuck for 12 hours now
Battle Tag: Khalul#2697
Character: All Chars
Region: Europe
Platform: PC

For the devs: quite a strange behavior of this bug that may or may not help identifying the issue.

I got a “Connection was Lost” message early in my game, then the same error appeared of the character being in game and no other other character was usable. I thought I was done for another day of waiting, but this time, after trying to restart the Bnet agent (and killing the background process too) which didn’t work, I tried rebooting like last time, but this time it fixed it immediately. Right after rebooting, my character was usable again.

Logged on today to see my offline barb 17 lvl was gone.
Battle Tag: Beewolf#2143
Character: Varvara (barb)
Region: Europe (Moscow GMT+3)
Platform: PS5

I haven’t been able to play a game for 3 days now. This was after I reinstalled the game. It takes me back to the launch screen. I get the gloved hand on the play screen then back to launch…

i cant go online where my char is says it cannot connect to server despite my internet and other online games doing fine its been almost 2 days