LSC Rare bow worth jack

10 ias
3 to max dmg
+184 to ar
9-20 fire dmg
1-49 light dmg

This time it came closer

I can be wrong, but I think this is Charsi food due to lack of good ias and ar/max damage based on char level. It is not better than Faith or Windforce.

So, based on what I’ve gathered, the situation is roughly as follows:

You got to have one with CTC amp, ias, cruel and 2os
20+ ias, 400+ ed or 250+ ed with fools, dex, amp, ar …

This one comes in a Diamond Bow. One example that was sold for a good amount (if my memory serves me well) was a Diamond Bow with 35ias, 455ed, 5 max dmg, 193ar, 1-36lt and 1 os. That one has a required dexterity of 132 and strength 89. My specimen has 73 dex and 58 strength requirements.

Whether or not that has a lasting impact on it’s value, I cannot tell as of yet

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Thank you for gathering these, very good information.

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