Love the new forum look!

It’s so clean and looks great! Thank you.

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Except that new bar with freaking “Buy Now”


Remove the freaking buy now please. this is bs


Yeah I mean, at least hide the Buy Now button if someone already has the game. Like, really?


I tend to keep the D3 forum up too in a tab. Now I can’t tell which one I’m looking at instantly. Grr

Now i got ghosting when scrolling on my phone

You mean the forum downgrade? It looks like the D3 forum now.

It sucks.


Yea, i just saw that on my mobile app, its quite annoying :unamused:



I already bought it, get this garbage off of my screen. How pathetic of this company, or rather it’s parent company, to turn every inch of this website into an advertisement littered with “Buy Now” buttons. Way to turn your product forums into the equivalent of early 2000s pop up ads, you shameless, desperate, pitiful shills.


wtf buy now, i payed you already, take that button away BLIZZ …


buy now! (but sir i already bought it)…

also its too similar to wow’s now. at least with the old color i knew where i was at first glance heh


Yeah…that floating bar was the last thing I ever wanted to see. I’d have been fine with it if it just stayed at the top, but it stays with you and blocks part of the screen when scrolling through a thread. Blech.

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It’s so offensive to the eyes, and disrespectful to the consumer, that I’m just not going to use this forum.

Anyone who knows anything about colors can see that this new color scheme is designed to blast your eyes with that “Buy Now” button. Even from the extremes of your peripheral, it burns into your eye from the contrast. That is not an accident, and it shows pure disdain and disrespect to their customers who use this site.

This is what your money pays for when you buy a Blizzard product. It pays for RnD to develop a new webpage layout that sears the words “Buy Now” into your retinas.


I’m pretty sure the color is tied to the game. Red for D2R and Orange for Overwatch 2’s predominant color. It just stands out more now that the site background is identical for all games.

I have to agree

The forum didn’t really need a style change merely a year after going live

Especially a change that make it like the bad game forum

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It’s now blue/gray, which makes the big, red “Buy Now” button pop into viewer’s eyes. It’s not an accident, and it’s painfully disrespectful.


The same background being used for all of its games is merely a cost and resource saving measure. That’s literally dollars and cents as it were. The button at the far right of the obnoxious floating bar is indeed colored to match the game it represents, though it would be nice if the forum API would properly read the account license status and revert to the more subdued, if not still annoying “Download” button if you own the game already for the account logged in.

Maybe they messed up the D2 forum bar, because every other game has a “Download bnet” button in muted colors. They need to fix this bar immediately, because it’s an aggravating color clash.

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I just wish it was like the old top bar that stayed up top and disappeared when scrolling through a thread. This one is a floating bar that never goes away. It’s both distracting and, well, ugly. Also, I hate hate hate the auto-flyout menus in that bar. I’ve had dozens of instances already where I’m trying to move my mouse and the way I move the mouse so I can keep track of it is in an arc (it has to do with both my vision and how my deformed arm operates with mouse movement) and I end up triggering any number of the flyouts that the floating bar contains. It’s uber obnoxious.

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I would just want the buy now gone mainly. My fat fingers keep hitting it while going for the drop down. Plus I already own it so seems rather redundant.