Lost at least two weeks of progress/items

Hey! I lost at least two weeks of progress and items that I collected during that time. I was at least level 75 on my Paladin, and now I am rolled back to level 35 with poor items compaired to what I had. Please fix this.

They did fix it, they rolled backed your character with duped items. Careful who you trade with.

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I haven’t traded with anyone and I haven’t grinded. So no, that’s not the issue.


read this, your data will never back cuz blizz just overwrite them with the old data, r.i.p

Did you by any chance get rolled back to Saturday Oct 9th? It’s not 2 weeks but that’s exactly what happened to my character.

She dissapeared after servers crashes on Saturday morning then came back 10 hours later or so without the progress I made that morning including a Vex rune which I’m still angry about losing.

I haven’t played since then because of work. I was rolled back almost to release date on my Paladin for some reason…

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