Looks like Thurs for 2.5

Seen on Twitter, about 3 hour maintenance on Thursday. Figure 2.5 dropping.

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Thursday you mean? 9/22 for D2R.


Yep, didn’t see the 22, it blended in, lol

PTR ends on the 19th, Ladder Session 1 ends and session 2 starts October 6th.

It was literally a part of the update from Thursday…

There was also this hint from 2 weeks

Yeah, you are right on all of the info. However, a week or two before reset wasn’t an exact date. Meaning it could have been the following Thursday, with another ptr update monday/tuesday for a few days. It does align with my original thought on patch week, being the week of the 23rd, but I was off on my estimation that they’d do ladder the following week.

It’ll be interesting, since they also stated that if they couldn’t fit another PTR, that they would use the buffer zone between patch and ladder to get more player feedback from Terror Zones, insinuating that they would unlock TZs in the remainder of the current Ladder. Wonder how this will play out. In any case, we should at least get full patch notes this Tuesday I’d assume, and see if the patch will offer anything besides the bug fixes outside of TZs.

Personally, I am still a bit disappointed that they didn’t give us a two week buffer between ending ladder and starting the next season.

Nah they confirmed that PTR was ending tomorrow last week…

Yes…they did. Monday is the 19th, tomorrow. They could have pulled it down, and put it back up to test updated charm stats, as well as if they were fixing something with the lack of Assassin Traps and/or Summon minions gaining use of them. Then ran it a few more days, pushing patch following week, ladder the next. In short, they never gave a hard date for the patch dropping, just a week or two before the ladder reset. Patch could have been dropping this coming or following week. Looks like this week.

PTR is just a formality. 2.4 and 2.4.3 are clear examples just how much the developers value user feedback.

Now you are just being a negative Nancy. 2.4.3 was done to address the massive feedback from consoles, as well as the backlash from PC players on not finding enough games. And while you might not like the Whirlwind change, updating WW was highly requested.

As for 2.4 ptr feedback, the community was heard, and Blizzard responded. The elemental aura backlash from the streamer concerns (cough Llama cough) were given a second chance to balance after removed during part 2 of 3, and the Druid Summons, FoH/Holy Bolt affecting Demons, as well as a further push to Bowazon was listened to and pushed forward.

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Do you play console? Because I do and the UI for matchmaking is still garbage. Their inaction for months after release shows that consoles were just a cash grab. 2.4.3 was a bandaid that came after a ton of negative reviews and the complete erosion of the console communities.

Hell, the forums don’t even support console players and all 3 consoles are rolled into a single community…

The Holy Fire of the initial PTR is the version that ended up being released in the end. :rofl:

Yeah, we understand that Llama is the head developer :rofl:

Seems the banner is now missing for me and another person on Discord. Checked live version, PTR, Americas/Europe/Asia regions, the maintenance banner is nowhere to be found.

Wonder if this might be a delay or something, guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Ugh…maybe a delay in patch notes or console certification. I don’t think season will be delayed, pez was pretty adamant that date was set. Even if 2.5 is delayed, won’t matter much to me since I’m primarily waiting for rollover into non ladder. Was looking forward to notes tomorrow though, to see whatever would be disclosed on the charm and tz updates if they were a permanent addition or just for the season and such. As well as to get any disappointment out of the way if nothing else makes the patch in terms of qol and added character slots.