Long Queue Times 8:27 EST

Number 256 in Queue for awhile. What’s causing this? Americas Servers

Right there with ya 284 in que for over 30min now hasnt moved once do they even want us to play their game?

even if we are on american servers, its peak time in other regions of the world and thats the cause of the queue, queue never happen in north america peak times

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I had no idea other server peak times means Americas servers are always in queue. Strange.

there is a post from 2 weeks you can read on top of the forum to see what is happening and what causes the problem

Ill check it out thank you

yeah if you check asia servers they have 800 long queue at their peak. So they migrate to EU and US making queues there too

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This is the correct realization. It was 5am central and there was a queue for Diablo 2 - that’s not Americas, that’s Asia coming over to Americas so they can get in faster. Stopping cross region would fix it for America, and break it more for Asia. Honestly I’m fine with it, not a big need to go to EU - although let’s be honest, they need more server capacity all around apparently. This isn’t even ladder yet.

i think the queue is global, no matter the region you are queuing in but i might be wrong, i have been in queue for the last hour and its getting really boring

I’m done playing online, queues are a pain, 1 hour to enter and game crashes …


There’s no migrating involved. ALL of the regional servers pass data back and forth with ONE GLOBAL database. So even when US or EU servers are low-traffic, they’re running on a queue because of Asian prime time database traffic making it hard for them to connect.
Supposedly the engineers are busy recoding things so that fewer database connections are called for every time someone logs in, creates a game, etc. But there’s no transparency about the progress they’re making or the timeline they’re working on.

That is not true. Asia 800 people, US 300 people, EU 500 people. I checked and logged in for every one of then. In EU it is roughly 4 pm. In Asia countries, lets take china for instance it is 8pm. New York time it is around 9 am

spend 45 min in que, start playing game crashes and get tossed back into a que at 383…


Yup! blizzard know their game crashes and they still dont want to add a crash timer to come back in…

No way i can get some weekend afternoon play in.

UK time here, so its basically 2pm. 369 in queue - GG Blizzard. Thanks for limiting my timezone to late night play only.

Its times like these that make me wish I had sacked off the train wreck that is Blizzards ‘online play’ and stuck to offline only.

256? Meanwhile, at 8 pm on a Sunday in Asia, the queue is at 750+

its very sad that blizzard messed this up so badly. Taking something someone else made and destroying by not letting others play. Just proves why D4 is doomed to fail as well

Puts me in que just to throw me in offline mode … forcing me to click online mode which then throws me back into another 400 que and then crashes and then i have to restart the game which sends me into que for offline mode again… which i then have to wait for online que again… double ques for me with crashes in between what fun… so if you had this problem like me just make sure when you join the que the first time to hit escape and switch to online because for me its offline first and makes me switch to online every time. Dont just que hit escape and make sure online is selected which should throw you into a 1 time que.

HOping 361 people crash so i can get in :smiley:

on the plus side asia was over 1k