Linking runewords in chat adds odd special characters

When linking runewords in chat, for some reason the game adds two letters before the item link. This is what it looks like:

ÿc[Ancients’ Pledge]

It looks like someone accidentally added a redundant tag, since when I copied and pasted it from the game log it looked like this until I edited it to make it look like how it does in game: ÿc[ÿc4Ancients’ Pledge]ÿc0

That extra “yc” shouldn’t be there.

I think that might actually be the color code for “gold” on the runeword. (color code might be a strong expression in this case, what I mean is how the engine handles colors in general.)

At least if I remember correctly from a big handful of years away, the text from colourful profiles (remember those?) looked something like this if you pasted them into a unicode text box.

The fix here would be to apply a hidden attribute to those “color codes”.

Looks like a simple typo. yc0 is white, yc4 is gold. They want the [] to be white while the runeword text to be gold, but clearly they forgot the 0 for the first [ and since it’s not a complete code, you can see it.

Ah yep, that makes sense.