Let's talk Assassin changes

So here are some thoughts in making the assassin not just about dat trap life

1venom should be like a psn chant so that merc and shadow can stack the damage. Doing this would increase melee sin and give more rotation to the class. And it should apply to kicks as well.

2make shadow copy skills as the sin dose them such as 2sins in one motion like how a shadow would follow. So when 1hits you both are hitting you for double melee damage and then master can copy traps or be support with skills such as cloak and mind blast and traps. So In Short shadow cloak would be copy the sins skills as they are preformed and shadow master gives support skills such a as mind blast and cloak and traps

3hammer is so forgotten so let’s add some perks to it for a magic sin like add a stun to it and or make it a passive that gives chant to stun on attack or add synergy’s to it like mind blast or something to give a new build.

4 make dragon claw splash. Doing this will give the melee sin more reason rotations and better for pvm

5have some of the Martial arts give passives for each point such a as Cobra strike gives passive life and mana steal and fire/thunder/cold reduce enemy’s resist

6cloak of shadows should fade the sin out when shadow cloak is active making the shadow be the only targetable class for a breif moment. It’s a good counter for big attacks that would come such as corpse explosion when killing things in close range

7blade senital or fury should be replaced with a blade trap such as the ones In tombs

These are some ideas I have to make the sin more fun let me know what you think and mention one that you would love to see

I tried a build last night that maxed tiger strike, phoenix strike, dragon claw and claw mastery. MA skills were at +41

Dragon Claw is absolute garbage.

Maxing Dragon Tail instead is way better; but the physical/fire mix with it is straight junk.

What the game needs is to change Infinity to roll -resist instead of always rolling lightning…

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So if dragon claw did splash damage instead of aoe would you use it more and enjoy the build and if your shadow from followed you and did yours melee skills at the same time you did would you enjoy close range assassin

I like how blade sentinel and blade fury work currently. They just need to remove the NHD from blade sentinel to make it very pwoerful


Well let me see your blade senital sin in action then because 90% of sins are trap sins

平民裝飛鑣刺挑戰8PP古代人 - YouTube

cleglaw’s 2 pieces + aldur 2 pieces solo hell ancient 8ppl difficulty.

Huh? I got no issues with my pure claw sin.

Maxed ps and synergies, max dclaw. Cheap nats set and plague claw on a +3 ps/+1 df base.

LR procs almost all the time and my 50%dr from nat+string keeps me peachy. The tri elemental + physical damage means no dual immunity mob is left standing. Act 2 might merc with reapers for more crowd control and boss slowdown.

They should make the Fury runeword give assassins frenzy. A frenzysin would be absolutely awesome, and they already use whirlwind.

I wish they would add a new trap to the fire traps.

that shoots 5 fire blast shoots in a straight line(not curved like the skill fireblast).
10 charges like other traps.

That would be cool.

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Personally I’d rather see a trap that explodes in the place it is laid up to 10 times, once per 7-9 frames. At least it’d actually be a trap, then.


Yeah, That would be a cool trap

wish they would change some of the martial arts skills.

dragon flight - add attack speed & make it teleport without a target.
(i mean why not, assassin already has a teleport, make it useful. don’t make sense that you can’t perform the same kick with or without a target)

Fist of fire - add synergy from one of the finishers (maybe dragon tail)

Claws of Thunder - add synergy from one of the finishers (maybe dragon claw)

Blades of ice - add synergy from one of the finishers and more damage (maybe dragon talon)

Pheonix Strike - Make meteor instant
(it is soooooooooooo sloooooooooooooW)

Cobra Strike - reduce life and mana steal a lot, and add poison damage or poison spell effects. add synergy to Venom (both are useless as is)

Tiger Strike - like OP said " add Area damage" maybe by adding synergy to a finisher move(not sure what would be best suited)

  • 1 charge 90-degree tiger claw swipe
  • 2 charges 180-degree tiger claw swipe
  • 3 charges 360-degree tiger claw swipe

add flat AR to all martial arts skills, in addition to the %

oh and for the love of god, make “weapon block” work while running & walking


this would be sick and give so much more use to the sin

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although you are right that blade sentinel is a good build, it is far from top-tier builds, so a few minor buffs would be welcomed.

so i would suggest:

Blade Sentinel - add flat Attack rating & remove casting delay ( other traps don’t have this… don’t think it would make it OP.) and maybe 100% weapon damage?

Blade fury - add flat AR - increese from 75% to 100% weapon damage.

Blade Shield - add flat AR - increese from 75% to 100% weapon damage.

Claw Mastery - add flat AR

what do you think?

Blade Sentinel already has AR implemented (it is hidden from tooltips) Removing the casting delay is a good idea; however, if blizzard does not remove NHD, simply removing the casting delay makes 0 difference to Blade Sentinel’s performance.

Nah 200% AR is fine. Also, the current damage is also fine(the player screen damage display is completely wrong). The better thing to do is to allow Blade fury to take advantage of claw mastery’s AR bonus (which currently only damage and CS% of clas mastery would work on BF), and it would fix the AR issue by a huge margin

it does not change if Blade Shield only activates an attack every second. It needs to attack more frequently.

I think AR% is fine, and arguely better than flat AR

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you have solid points. I agree.
the reason I wanted them to add fat AR is that is so hard to get a good Hit Chance.
But, you are probably right % is good as is.

maybe the main problem is hit rating based on level, that if you are too low level you just have a terrible hit chance.

casters don’t have that issue, and they have a lot more AOE damage than melee/AR-based attacks. some times it seems that devs tried hard to give AR-based attacks a huge disadvantage.

also blade sentinel has a high next-hit delay, and if you miss multiple times in a row on a mob, well then it’s useless.

yeah if Devs remove NHD, then they would not need to remove the casting delay, but if they don’t remove the NHD, removing the casting delay, would at least make you a lot more efficient in laying out the traps, and make you more mobile. I think that would be good.

tnx for you feedback :slight_smile:

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Now if only we could get a dev’s opinion on all of this.

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There’s 2 ways of dealing with AR. Most people think of stacking AR, however, the easier way is lowering the monster’s def, and it can be archived easily as well: Eth rune on weapon, rogue’s inner sight, etc. with damage output from Blade Sentinel and Blade Fury currently you can technically just equip her with a 6os phaseblade with 6 eth and completely bypass AR requirement. Of course, my example is a bit too extreme and people would much prefer other weapons of choice. However, that is a direction to go.

sadly this game is greatly favor caster.

if they do not remove NHD it doesn’t really matter on the cast delay because even if you dash out 5 BS at the same time, the 5 traps would still only deal one single damage every 25f. It literally has no difference if you have 1 trap or 100 traps on the field at that time. That being said, it would still be beneficial to have cast delay remove is when you dashing out BS in different directions.

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Love the idea of beefing up synergies, but I really wanted to comment on this one:

Combining the two fire skills makes sense for synergy on a surface level, but would actually be really bad in game. The two skills conflict huge when combo’d together and result in a huge dmg loss.

FoF converts a portion of the physical dmg a Finishing Move dealt to fire, and when FoF is lvl 33+, it converts all physical damage to fire. Dragon Tail’s fire explosion is based off of the physical damage the kick dealt, so using lvl 33+ FoF + DT actually results in DT’s explosion doing 0 damage. The higher level your FoF, the weaker DT becomes.

The best finisher for the skill, imo, is Dragon Claw. It can result in a massive boost to physical damage, when maxed out with claw mastery as well, which all gets converted to fire with FoF, making for a juicy explosion.

Personally, I’d rather they just increase how much synergy bonus Phoenix Strike provides each of the elements. Having to spend another 20 skill points for max dmg seems rough, and going dual element early game would require 100+ skills to max out two elements, leaving nothing left for the other skill trees.

Also, tying specific Charge skills to specific Finishing Moves kind of forces gameplay, which I’d rather not have. I like that, for the most part, all Finishing Moves are viable with any Charge skill.

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