Legit asking, you think this is going to be it?

Makes me curious what the rest is that doesn’t need testing (just some bug fixes and txt value adjustments, or something else but they’ve thoroughly tested internally?)

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Things that are plausible that wouldn’t require testing:
Bug fixing.
Increased character count.
Rune/Gem shared tab.

Things that I’d like to see come:
In-game trading post.


Rune/gem shared/stackable tab would be nice enough that I feel they wouldn’t need to add much more after that tbh
I would love something to do about buffs - consumables/charms where you triple the duration of a buff/make it permanent until death/new game, whether that is craftable, buyable, findable, etc.

I’m thinking like El+Io+El+Full rejuv = Refresh duration of buffs for a full 6 minutes, could be cool

I would like to see the 2.5 changes be brought into Singleplayer in 2.6. I’m largely a single-player dude, so I would love to have access to hell points or whatever they’re called, and the resist charms, etc., etc., and not have to rely on mods for it.

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The Hustle Rune Word is being added as an early mobility option, providing increased Movement Speed without the teleport aspect of the Enigma Rune Word.

Yeah no. I dont feel like replacing Spirit + Stealth + Teleport Charges Staff for this. There goes our Enigma alternative hopes.

I bet the devs genuinely thought these were absolutely awesome runewords that everyone would love. They have no clue what they are doing. I wouldn’t put it past them to add a few more bad runewords in the next week.


i hope they revert all changes they’ve added to d2:R and make it “the same game we know and loved” like they said it would be.

look at where it is now, nowhere near that…

if the game needed changes before this, the community wouldn’t STILL be playing it, making mods, and all that. but the game was amazing how it was, and now it’s getting worse…

here he go guy i`m 110% on spot

saw what you wrote here, who/where/what and which ones?

this devs teams additions are always horrendous, who cares…

np enjoy season 3 if you dont care

i think my farming buddy is actually going to join me for s3, watch our names at the top of the boards :wink:

Literally all the ptr will have is the runewords lol. Thats why there are no patch notes.

i dont need , not going too waste my time with season 3 , 0 content for me there and my class is still brokenfrom the last ww update change :-1:

New runewords is likely all you’re getting. Resources just aren’t being allocated to D2R anymore. I bet there’s something like… 2-3 engineers (likely a lead and two juniors) and the lead splits 50/50 of their time between D2R and some other project internally. The juniors are just happy to have a job. They probably come up with tons of neat ideas and get told no, because of cost.

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I’m for now operating under the assumption that Ladder Season 3 will be the last “active” season - Blizzard may technically still add new content in future seasons, but the player base may have shrunk considerably by then either way, making it less appealing to me.

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What we need is balancing uniques and ranked pvp arenas.

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Hardcore exists. 20chars

It’s more than I thought we would get tbh

Seeing as how 5 of the new runewords were basically just resistances swapping I hope there’s something significant yet to come.

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