Leap Barb - good direction but not quite there

Moving in the right direction but can we actually make the damage it deals in AOE viable? The damage is very underwhelming. I think it would be good to nerf the damage it deals to the main target to have better scaling AOE damage so it can make a viable build. Perhaps 50% of damage dealt to main target is dealt in an AOE around?

I would love to have another viable build for Barbarian that allows for different gearing (Massive weapon damage ignoring attack speed).

Also I do appreciate the Devs for listening to feedback so far. I think if we can voice our opinions we can make Leap Attack a viable skill!


Agreed that the damage is basically non existent, at least as far as hell difficulty is concerned. I’m pretty surprised that the damage from the AOE isn’t based off weapon damage.


Just tested it 2 min ago … On paper everything was looking super cool, but damn the damage from the weapon does not even apply on the AoE ? The AoE damage is only the flat damage on the skill tool tip and it wayyyy to little … at lvl 20 and synergie maxed it was only 200-250, i mean serously ? another single target skill for the barb but even worse since the animation kinda make ASP useless …

me too. i would have rather seen the range reduced from 4.6 to something like 3 yards, but for that 50%, 75% or 100% weapon damage. like you jump in, every monster adjacent to your landing point recieves a hit. that would be a good opening attack

edit: i know this is nitpicking, but from an aeshetic point of view i would have rather seen the dust animation from leap than the red war cry thing. d2 usually has a bit of a more serious tone to most attacks, not like d4 or d3 with all those flashy lights

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First thing I tried too, very disappointed. Area of effect damage is totally negligable (the problem being I think that it does not benefit from any synergy bonus).

Is it me or before patch 2.4 you could use the skill without jumping when you were close from a mob? Now you always perform the jump even in melee range. Not sure what is best, but I think this has changed.

I’ve noticed a knockback effect on using leap attack, was I dreaming? Did not seem to happen all the time though, so was pretty weird.

Great idea from the devs, but the aoe damage as it stands now make this improvement useless.

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they changed some things regarding minimum jump height and such. maybe to prevent excessive abuse like with leap stun? dunno.

Ah yes it could be linked with this idea of minimum height!

Have you noticed a minimum duration of leap? They have stated this but it seems pretty small if there is one, found this aspect pretty smooth.

I tried it and I like that now its possible to Leap attack near monster, not like old Leap attack where you do normal attack instead.

I dislike the flat AoE damage. 50% dmg of main attack would be much better.

I see one issue: if attack misses, should AoE also miss? I dont want it to miss tho. But it would behave strange that 50% in AoE is hit and you miss main target.

Possibly each monster hit calculation separately. It would be still strange to me, but could work.

Scale of main damage at 50% or so will be appreciated.

My first impression was that the +1200something% dmg will effect the area, and not a flat dmg slaped on top of the single target dmg. At least the +15% dmg bonus from Leap should apply to the flat area dmg.

I hope they consider changing Leap Attack to do 50% weapon damage to every monster in the affected area.


Also increase the radius slightly. Not Nova big but maybe 60% of Nova will be nice.

I am okay, & actually think its not a bad idea to reduce the leap damage, but buff area damage, & single target can be finish off with Frenzy or a single target skill like berserk. make the game more engaging then one button wonder.

Even idea like, after leap, enemy hit take XX% more damage from all sources or melee attacks for 3-5 sec.

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That’s an interesting question… if Leap Attack misses, should AoE also miss?

This is exactly how i thought it will work when i initially read patch notes and was pretty disappointed when i saw how it actually works in yt videos. Imo area damage should be based around weapon dmg to give those big 2 handers a reason to use… now area dmg will be same no matter what weapon you use… two daggers or thunder maul wont matter at least for aoe portion of the skill. Same nonsense we see in D3 where Hammer of the Ancient is more viable with 2 1h swords than big 2h mace.


Yes its sad that there is no love for 2 handed weapons. In D2R graphics they look cool as f! Flying barb with big old Axe smacking monsters from the skies!


Agreed, I wish they would consider a significant damage boost across the board for all 2H weapons. A flying barb with a big ole axe sounds awesome.


My thoughts as well. Make leap attack aoe weapon dmg based. Since the attack speed is tied to the skill itself and not your weapon attack speed, it brings in new uses for slow heavy hitting 2 handers. I really hope they consider doing it this way.


The damage is basically non existent for Leap Attack (AoE effect), at least as far as hell difficulty is concerned. It needs to be based off weapon damage and NOT flat damage.

good point. a possible problem i could see is that it could encourage frog like playstyle, jumping back and forth all the time instead of using it as opener.