Latest update deleted entire contents of my shared stash

Title. After three weeks, this is what i get? I guess i can play now, but that was basically all i owned.


Be glad bro you helped the economy with your items being deleted. So in a way we’re all better because of it


you shouldn’t have been duping your shared stash


I do believe that would be support ticket worthy, even if they can’t restore your items.

Already tried

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Didn’t PezRadar say they are working on an issue where people aren’t seeing their shared stash? Hopefully they will fix things.


Yes. I only learned about it afterward. Hopefully it fixes things. I’ve pretty much decided to not even play until they resolve it.

No i didn’t get to dupe since some people have insinuated that was the reason for me being screwed.

Hey bro…Becarefull…

This issue is still real. No acknowledgement whatsoever so far on whether they’re continuing to try and resolve the issue. I am not going to do anything involving my shared stash until they say something one way or another

They allegedly already have done something in the backend, but I’m still reading about empty stashes daily. :confused:

yep. It didn’t resolve the issue for people.

They were screwing around and crashed the server briefly a day or two ago and i couldn’t join games again

Seems we’re SOL. I’m calling it - no fix coming at all.

Agree. But i’m 99% sure there are other problems related to this. this is just tip of the iceberg.

Yeah man. I have been searching high and loe for someone to help me with my stash that had been completely wiped.
Everything including the non ladder, ladder, and past stash tabs are all wiped.

Im sick to my stomach considering its going on 3 weeks since ive been able to play.


They’re still missing despite the latest update. No statement from blizzard about whether they’re going to continue trying to get them back is unprofessional at this point. I don’t know whether i should just start using my shared stash because those items are toast OR i should keep waiting. Being left in limbo for this long is just ridiculous.

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Hey matw. Any updates on your end? Im still missing everything.

No one is trying to improve or undo this problem. Even the developers…

It only says that it is being modified in the backend. In reality, no modification or compensation has been made.

That’s true.

Blizzard is thinking of making money with D4, which will be released next year, blocking accounts against various illegal acts, and thinking of selling D2R at 50% sale 365 days a year.

There is a Korean proverb that says, “You don’t give food to the fish you catch.” We are like fish trapped in a fishbowl.

Man, great qay of looking at it. I finally recieved a response about a rollback but now i find myself questioning the validity given how long its been.

Been waiting two days. They said 3-5 business days. Hope it works out