Ladder Dclone killed by super budget gear necro

Hey everyone,

Here is my super budget gear necro killing dclone on ladder. Hope you enjoy the vid! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. You can also join my discord!


A quick question Skulm - does good, old combo Blood Golem + Iron Maiden still work, making BG ultimate tanking machine?

Unfortunately no, because the physical damage and healtpool of bosses on Hell difficulty nerfs the iron maiden reflect damage. Iron Maiden is extremely easy to use for NM and you can cheese the entire Normal difficulty however it starts to fall off after Nightmare and especially during Hell.

For killing bosses you definitely want crushing blow on merc, open wounds is also a must if you are dealing with any of the uber bosses.

did you cheat?

literally left when he was at 30% and came back and he was at 2%.

why the false editing? did you come back after leaving him at 30% without applying PMH and see him full health 100% and then decide to bring in your smiter and get him back down to 2%???

kinda snakey.

Wow. Go see a doctor. Do not accuse people out of nowhere. Even if you remotely checked my content you can see that I killed ubers + dclone countless times and also helped many people on my live streams.


you made a video, i watched the video, there is a point where you got diablo to 30% and then failed, you did not apply any prevent monster heal, you left and came back and diablo was barely alive with a sliver of health when you returned.


Anyone can look at it and see.

So your claim to have done it in the video HAS A MAJOR INACCURACY IN IT. You literally left out 98% of the kill. AND YOU CALL ME CRAZY? Sketchy as a duck.

Go watch the video again without skipping. To teach you how the game works, open wounds on merc prevents dclone self healing, as well as the uber bosses.

The vid clearly shows how I killed dclone, watch it without skipping. Are there edits in the video? YES, because I think showing me running around in town and ressing merc then going back to dclone is a waste of time and anyone can understand what happened in between. Do I hide anything? NO. Plain and simple.

Go see a professional.

PS: Some of my previous dclone kill vids so you learn about how the game works. PMH is not the only source. Open wounds merc also prevents regen FYI.


nice try but open wounds doesnt continue to do 28% of DClones health bar while you’re in another act. Get real, he 100% would have regenerated to full. I exposed you and you just get toxic and lie.

you’re trying to demonstrate for beginners what’s possible, you should have posted a completely unedited fight instead of click baiting.

Will you apologize and admit you were wrong if I upload and link the full unedited dclone kill here?


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Ok, despite all the negativity I am choosing to believe your word. Here is the full unedited footage as evidence.

I hope you’ll do the right thing after watching it.


k the video clearly shows you did solo it, so i apologize for the accusations. I do believe you should have used the unedited video in the original, as you were trying to prove something could be done, and to do that it requires you to prove it fully, and in this day and age people can photoshop a burrito onto the moon.

Also, some noobs will watch the video, and i feel like Edge is not beyond “budget” and should be something they know they can pull out and have a much easier time against dclone.

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Hey, thank you for your feedback!

Today’s population wants everything provided to them within 5 minutes, if something takes too long, they turn it off (at least for youtube). I see what you mean, and personally speaking I tried to include 85%-90% of the fight. I do understand your point though, and if it were up to me I would also like to include the full fight.

Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated!

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And that’s how all disputes should be resolved. Gj Skulm and Bravata.