[ladder] crafted belt giveaway

I crafted around 100 belts so far and I narrowed it down to a few that is not too bad. Yes, the rest were charsied.

So I am giving away 3 crafted belts free. LMK if you are interested
its first come first served but…if I know you, you will get preferential treatment. Sorry newbies to the forum =P

  1. hailstone buckle
    8fcr/ 28ED/ 13str/51 life/ 12 mana/ regen mana 8%/LR 6%

  2. shadow buckle
    8fcr/ 36ed/2 life/18mana/ regen mana 8%/ CR 23/PR 28

  3. stone cord
    8fcr/17fhr/16ed/ 40life/17mana/ regen mana 10%/11 max stamina

#2! #2! That one looks AWESOME!

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its yours. leave your id

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shamwow#1452 thanks!