Lack of transparency

Nobody seems to know what is actually happening. Could you say something, and something real Blizzard? Not acceptable to keep people in the dark regarding not being able to play the game. Is there a constant cyber attack? Did you just not rent enough servers? Why are you saying nothing!? What the hell is happening in that money printer of a company?
You say you will post updates about outages, do we ever know what happened? No


It’s been up for 7 days. That’s what’s going on.

There was also a ban wave yesterday, which proves botters/cheaters are a part of the problem. (Keep the banwaves coming Blizzard!)


There was post, very transparent about issues of regional database vs global. There’re working on solution. It takes time to redesign and to reprogram

Only if they decide not to read the post at the top of the forum and just decide to whine on the forum instead.

2 Blizzard butt kissers above me, we have read the posts, gameplay hasnt gotten better in the week since that post, game full of bugs and crashes and the new que system simply made me wait 30mins to get a non connect issue rather than 5minutes- and many others experiencing same issues are on these forums, stop being Blizzard fanboi shills and see that they made millions off this game -remaster and they didnt master anything.


Why are you here if you hate the game/company so much? :man_shrugging:
March your hate parade on outta here please.

Ahh I did not see anything at the “top”. Thanks you are really nice and helpful.
Did I sound like I was whining? I meant to sound angrier, my bad.

Not that this one post hidden on the forums is good enough or anything. They need an actual message in the game launcher instead of promoting actors and all this other nonsense.

More info for the banwave?

didn’t read the notes huh?

entitled much?

On the other hand. A progress update would be rather nice. It’s been a week since they posted the update.

There is no official post from Blizzard, but there were several threads rolling on D2JSP about being banned, and numerous reports of D2:R Discord channels with a bunch of people complaining about being banned.

It seemed to coincide with a brief server downtime at around 10AM pacific yesterday.

pindle bot users was banned because he runs exactly the same route every game 24 hours a day, that “anticheat” system to prevent this behavior is fully automated and has existed in warden since mid 2000

banwave happened because of the poorly written chingchong bot and not because blizzard is doing a good job there

wait for kolbot to support d2r and then you will see very few banwaves for botting, if any

Thank you for the reply, it’s interesting to see that blizzard is silent on everything and not only on the bad stuff

Blizzard doesn’t really ban these bots it OG, they have been running openly for very long time.
Also, bot detection is done on another level, not by monitoring player activities. You can run pindle yourself and get banned if it was this way.

While transpenrency would be nice as to keeping us to date, I also don’t blame them for leaving us in the dark.

90% of the threads on this forum is filled with ppl having autistic attacks. I gurantee you, none of them are autistic and most of them above the age of 25. Blizzard has very immature audience incapable of having conversations.

Just be a little patient. I assume the devs take pride in the remaster of such a game and do not wish for this to fall flat.

It is 630am, I login queue of 98. Thirty minutes later, queue position is 75. Ummm. What is actually going on? Simply put they are going to absolutely refuse to provide enough servers for me to play the game. That is the simple take away. I am not hating on anyone or anything. I love the game.

The thing is , that they are in such situation , that no matter what they say - it will be against them.
Usually companies just openly lie to costumers and as we know , most of the costumers act like cattle and continue on buying stuff.
The core problem is that Blizzard (Activision) hasn’t released anything proper in the past ~10 years and continue to fail and scam it’s audience.
They have unprofessional stuff that fails to deliver.