(L) Bases For Sale

5os Phase Blade
5os Ettin Axe
5os Berserker Axe
Eth 5os Mancatcher
4os Ghost Spear
4os War Pike
Eth 0os Colossus Voulge

4os Archon Plate 488 Def
4os 9% ED Superior Wire Fleece 525 Def
Eth 4os Scarab Husk 625 Def
Eth 0os 11% Durability Superior Shadow Plate 774 Def
3os Balrog Skin 499 Def

Looking for Pgems and Runes


+1 Pally combat - Ist
+1 PnB with 37% GF - Offer
+1 Elemental druid - Um

are you sure about this price? I think it worth much more (Ist+ at least I guess, see the “rune value list” post in forum). if you are still happy I think I have an Um and can make use of this

yeah you’re right, its at least in an Ist

just in case helpful, I think:

  • 5os BA could worth something too (1.5-2 Ist)
  • 5os PB and 4os AP may, to the right buyer at the right time

good luck there, and have fun!