Item with dark green text - WTF?

Hi guys,
i just copied my old D2LoD saves to use in the new Resurrected. It works, you know, nice and all… but: I have an item (amulet) with a dark green description text (way darker than set items) with a name seemingly created in a way resembling rare items - you know the nonsense combination of words. Its name is “Raven Collar”.
I have no idea what type that is - google let me down - and just vaguely remember forging some items in the cube back then. But i thought the color of the forged items was like an orange tone…
Can any of you tell me something about how I got that item? The numbers are fantastic, but i know I didn’t cheat or something - And I didn’t play with people I didn’t know. I’m just clueless.

edit: Sadly I cannot include links (to a screenshot) in my post. Must have something to do with me being “new”…

edit2: The amulet requires level 75 and draws 9% life on hit and 16% mana on hit. That’s it.

edit3: Oh sure a link without the link. Here ya go:

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Theres a couple possibilities I can think of. 1) the dark color represents and item that cannot be equipped 2) a glitch of some kind when bringing the game over to the modern client.

  1. My character, a level 87 barbarian, has it equipped.
  2. I remember having the dark green item back then.

I think its a glitch honestly. Its probably a crafted item and the code didn’t translate properly. In game modding, there is a dark green color that you can choose to use but outside of modding I have never seen it on an item innately drop.

That’s something somebody made in Hero Editor and probably traded you on Open BNet.


There is no recipe for a craftesd item (with the Blood Recipes, Safety Recipes, …) that has this as a possible outcome.

Yeah I’m beginning to think that too. 16% mana ist just so… out of balance!

whoaaa… brace for the new generation of “ITH” items. very exciting

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back in the day there were color codes in diablo that were very specific. chat bots used them “ÿc:” was forest green (which was the color code from your item) and if you copy pasted the ASCII “y” (ÿ) it matched that color. it worked in profiles and in chat but you had to copy it from an outside source from the client. it was an option in diablo but it was never used for any official purpose. it seems like a mostly unused function for anything other than for people who discovered the color schemes and used them in HERO editor or game mods or for spamming purposes

here are all of the ASCII color codes
ÿc1 = Red
ÿc2 = Blue
ÿc3 = Green
ÿc4 = Gold
ÿc8 = Orange
ÿc- = White
ÿc: = Dark Green
ÿc0 = white
ÿc5 = grey
ÿc6 = black
ÿc7 = gold
ÿc9 = Yellow
ÿc; = Purple


Well, guess I have… had an ÿc item. :slight_smile:

Wow and I always was so proud of not cheating. I suppose now I’m on a shopping spree for a new amulet…

there are probably tons of people who are working through the old game files and trying to impose them onto the modified version of d2r and finding all sorts of exploits and holes. if the servers can’t be duct taped together than MOST CERTAINLY the code is a DISASTER and there are infinity amounts of issues like this to come. all of the people who played this game when they were 15 years old are now career professionals with over a decade of experience and can break the F*** out of this game.

The only thing I used the color codes for was to make my chat lobby profile fancy. Since we no longer have chat lobby profiles there’s no real reason to use them.

where to dl ptr ?

Please refer to the pinned post about the PTR that was just made visible at the top of the forum.

idk if i google “d2 dark green item” your post is the actual first result :wink: seems like its a you thing.

that is a player created item from a character editer that you probably got from another player on the bnet server used for offline chars.