Item poofed after long crafting session

I placed the charms from my inventory into my personal stash. After a 2 hour crafting session, the majority of the charms poofed. Lost 20/20 sorc torch, 20/16/10 anni, 3x 30+ life light gc, 1x plain light gc, multiple life/single res scs, multiple life scs, gheeds.

This is blizzard’s protection against copying items with the cube. They would rather remove items to random people than fix bugs.

In the classic version, for example, it was duplicated like this:

Do you have any proof that the items that OP was storing in their stash were poofed because they were duped?

it is more likely that you have run into the same issue memory cap/max items stored issue that others have reported with charms and tomes suddenly disappearing/poofing from their inventory and personal stash. I would suggest checking out the other posts in the Bug Reports about it for the research the other players have done who have tested it and know more about the technical aspects of the issue from the research and testing they have performed. They have a good working theory and explanation of what issue is that you probably encountered.

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I’ve become a bit alarmed by this thread. Would you be so kind as to let me know what to avoid doing in terms of losing items while crafting or generally playing?

Thank you…

No evidence. With blizzard, do you have evidence of anything? Not including the government investigation.
We’ll find out if the items stop disappearing.

If you mix something in the cube and don’t intend to use it for a while, save the game via exit/entry.
If you use the cube and the game crashes, the items that you moved after mixing along with the cube and mix result will disappear.
Simply moving items to/from the cube does not cause them to be lost when the game is crashed.

Thus - save the game after mixing.

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Thank you so much. My paranoia knows no bounds, and that totally applies to Diablo as well… lol. I can go play and relax. I appreciate it.

Just remember that opening portals with the cube also counts as mixing.
So I don’t recommend moving items in your inventory after opening cows/ubers and quickly save the game
when you get something good there.

It really depends on which issue you are facing. Nemo gave some good tips, however if you are encountering the issue that is causing items in the inventory to disappear (particularly tomes and charms) that is believed to be caused by Blizzard not increasing the memory cap/not increasing it enough when they increased the stash size, then the only tip that I have is to not fill the inventory and personal stash with small items, particularly those of rare or crafted variety. I can’t guarantee that this will work, I am only basing this off the fact that I haven’t encountered this issue yet, and that seems to be the difference between the people reporting the bug and the people who haven’t experienced yet, but that’s seriously a best guess.

The items in my shared stash did not poof so I think the problem is the memory cap/max items stored as Ryujin mentioned. In that session I had crafted over 50 ammies and placed all of the bad crafts into the personal stash along with the charms for selling in a hell game.

Read this thread: Items disappearing randomly from personal stash and inventory

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