It wasn't Dupers or Hackers! It was the Global DB

i don’t know if their are dupers or not but what was stated by blizzard in no way removes the possibility they could be doing it. They say the servers can’t handle the increased number of active clients that they started seeing on Saturday which could be hackers overloading the servers on purpose to get it to crash and cause rollbacks to dupe items.

There is no proof for either way.

The blue post says, there’s a huge amount of people trying to login everyday from a specific region. That’s where my spider senses went active and I asked myself internally “what region?”


Yeah, true, just because it was the server/database doesn’t mean there weren’t other things going on. Also doesn’t mean there were. I mean, at this point who knows. I certainly don’t.

probably just excuses

They did it to themselves because they don’t know what they are doing. They released a broken game AGAIN, and no amount of spin is going to change that. They didn’t know how people play the game? Yeah no sh–t, none of them play the game, and so when they released D2R it crumbled under their incompetence. Actual individual devs can make stable d2:lod servers, presumably on modern hardware. Blizz says D2R is functionally the same as lod, and yet they are stumped. Stumped by a game THE DEEMED READY FOR RELEASE.


Blizzard wanted all 3 regions to have ONE DB to cover all logins/games/and gear.

but there was overload between one region and the global DB.

There are bottlenecks in the DB system.

Blizzard needs to redesign things back to the old method.

D2R piggybacks on top of the old d2 Core and there are issues with getting it to work.

It is players logging in at the same time that causes bottlenecks.

Not Dupers or Botters!

Or a bot army with the goal to crash the servers, force a rollback to dupe, we don’t know.

Blizzard knows it wasn’t bots or dupers.
They have all the logs of the IP’s and subnets logging in and the times etc.

This is PC Dev speak for, we got hit by a coordinated force, for a purpose that we did not forsee…

Suddenly it makes sense why there were multiple regions on old Congratulations on not taking lessons from your predecessors. Sometimes the good old fashioned way works better.

OR, maybe, it means nothing
If you are running a server than can handle 100 people before it goes down, the 101st person to connect is significant. Its saying they couldn’t/can’t do it, while trying to save stock prices.

This is not from blizzard.

There was no coordinated force.

It was simply a lot of people logging in world wide within a short span of time.


How do you know?
Yea they’ve got their data but obviously they won’t tell us.

Yeah, gonna press doubt on that. Didn’t know Sunday Morning was a hot time slot for D2 gaming.

There’s people offering good (real) money to whoever find ways to bot/dupe/break this game right this moment.

There’s people who are trying stuff out for sure.

You do realize those two things (logins vs dupers) are not mutually exclusive right?

Big Hint: Dupers and botters log in to start game creation spam. Therefore saying it is a large number of logins in no way whatsoever rules out botters or dupers.

There are no botters, but you have the word ‘bot’ tattooed on your mind.

Dupers are not the problem.

It’s all about D2R code laying on top of D2 legacy code that is causing all the bottlenecks.

Get a life Gabriel!

I don’t know that. You don’t know that. And blizzard did not say that. You are quite simply posting nonsense. And several people before me have gently tried to explain that to you.

What’s curious is how emotionally invested you are in being upset that people mention cheaters.

And my life is fine thanks. Quite a bit better than yours apparently.

Your life’s mental state is all about Bank robbers and stolen elections and monsters under the bed when you were little.

Blizzards answer to us was all about D2R sitting on top of the D2 legacy code that was causing all the problems.

It was not about dupers and bots because there are none.

Why should ppl stop making posts about things that litteraly excist in the game are you trying to white knight blizzard?
your almost as bad as lama.

You really just don’t seem to get it. I’m not making the assertion it was botters or dupers. I am simply informing you of the fact that neither you or I know if it was.

Guess you haven’t read Blizzards response to the Server down.

There are no bots in D2R we know that as a fact.

The dupers are not the issue.
All existing dupes in D2 legacy which could be ported over to D2R do not involve themselves in server lag.

It is amazing how you guys believe in monsters when all is fine.