Issue not addressed but displaying queue info, very tricky, blizzard

thought they had eventually found out the bugs and fixed. but just realized they did not change anything but adding a UI to tell u that the server is so crappy that u’d better not jump in. very friendly interface, nice work !!

I am not sure where you got that idea. There is a very detailed post about the database and server issues, what they are doing about it, etc.

You can read all the details here

It will be a while until fixed. In the mean time we have queues. Instead of server down for everyone for 4-5 hours, we have to wait to log in.

Unless we get disconnected and put back in queue for 40 more mintues xD

I understand the point but cmon man… Imagine this. I haven’t played D2R 1 time in a week during my prime time because of this… Every time I logged in I thought “surely they fixed it”

Boy was I wrong… Here’s to another day I can’t play because my time available isn’t allowed due to blizzard queue… I actually think botters are the only intelligent people… let the robot level me since I can’t login to play myself…