Iso tokens for ber

I offer you a ber. How many tokens can I get. Obv the best offer wins.
leave your offer here.

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I thought for a second you were offering a Ber for one token :rofl:

Might want to edit so its plural.

1 token from me
azul takes the lead

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offer 3 token whisper me

4 tokens for ber


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deals are looking good! can anyone do 5 for ber? if not i am taking bracers offer.

let me run a few baals, just need one more green essence and i can do that. might have one on another char

don’t jump in on people’s deals.

he asked…lol, what do you want me to say? i assume he would do both deals anyways

i will take both lol

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token munchers gotta get em all :yawning_face: