Is server still down?

Im unable to create game on both US and Asia server

Same here. I get “Error creating game” then the generic “Check your connection because it is obviously your internet and not our servers”.

Blizzard fix your f*cking game.

havent been able to make a game in more then 2 hours.

Errors every time i get to connect to see my online characters, which takes at least 10 minutes and 20 times to connect

If you were in before the Global population surged and the mitigation measures kicked in, you can still play. Just do NOT exit game to create another one.

If not, you will get login or game creation errors. They don’t have messaging up right now to tell you that you are queued to limit load on the database.

The pinned post has the details on it if you wish to read it.

A full week of servers going down every single evening, are you serious right now? More players than you anticipated? Add servers already, your CEO gets a 130M bonus you clearly have the money to increase capacity.

not going to fix that thing you glossed over?

its paper servers. i get 30ping on Asia server but its unstable like hell with frequent crashes and disconnections.
US server is slightly better but its 150ping and its laggy like hell which is affecting my teleporting.

It’s not server capacity the problem, its brain capacity thats needed. And this is estimated around a billion in cost for a solution like whatsapp’s concurrency, infact I think they sold for 5 billion a while ago, at todays prices it might cost more.

dear miss cheetah , for day 1 to day 3 you might just ask us grab a coffee and wait them to fixed it . But hey ! its already 1 week , for a week about this time i cant play this game properly, its ridiculous

You want other players fixing things? I am pretty sure you know that MVPs don’t work for Blizz, don’t get paid by Blizz, and don’t represent Blizz.

My green text does not fix servers. You would not want me trying to sort out why the database infrastructure can’t handle all the global data requests at surge times. My degree was Biology, not anything to do with database infrastructure or global support.

It is just as helpful as me asking you to go fix the game. :slight_smile:

this server probably is used or out dated server , replace new one !!!
pork LEGO guy , blizz !

seems to be worse today? It’s not yet temporarily workaround fixed, already closing to 3-4hours downtime for me.