Is it me or something big is coming

Is it me or it seems like blizzard is about to drop some big news for d2r?

My inner diablo spirit can feel it.

There are rumors D2R ladder annoucement will be made this week

chat isnt working 3 months in - prly just some trash marketing scheduled pre release

hopefully they design the stash ui around the picture i sent them haha

if so we get an epic stash with not only 700+ pages but also tabs to filter uniques,gem,runes,runeword,sets,white,craft mats,more…and a search function

Oh man, i would love that sh** :slight_smile:

It’s the train at the other end of the tunnel coming towards you…

The Nerf hammer. :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure why anyone would start or believe such rumors as they have clearly stated in the patch 2.3 blog that

In the coming weeks, Diablo II: Resurrected will be launching its first ever Public Test Realm (PTR)—a special realm where we can test balance, bug fixes, and other enhancements we make to the game. We invite all of you to participate, as you’ll have an opportunity to play a crucial role in testing features and evolving the experience for all players. When we get closer, we’ll share more details on how you can gain access to the PTR and trial these changes.

The primary focus of that PTR will be revolved around fixing database issues and stabilizing our online environment. Once we are confident these fixes are in a good place, we’ll share more details on Ladder rank play and even more new changes coming to Diablo II: Resurrected.

So at best they will announce the ptr not the ladder but i wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

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