Insight should be made on swords too, not just bows

the a1 merc gets to use insight but not the a5 barb when a5 barb has so much potential. but because of the lack of insight and other runewords for it, the a5 merc just can’t beat the a2 merc in utility. I have no idea why devs would put insight on a bow out of all the merc weps, the lore just makes no sense!

insight desperately needs to be on a sword (makes way more sense than freakin’ bows since paladins mainly used swords/scepters and shields, just look at the new character selection screen!). so i can play hork/singer barb with my a5 barb buddy.

what lore are you talking about? is there a lore to the insight runeword?

also i think insight needs a nerf. It’s not spirit but it also does too much. Both amazing damage and meditation aura and highest rune being sol, shouldn’t come together.

You know there is a character who has bow skills right? And paladins don’t need Insight, they HAVE Meditation aura. And the power and clear speed of an A5 merc whit a Grief is so good, the A2 merc is no mach for them. You won’t use A5 merc for utility you’ll use it for mowing down monsters for you.

Even if you stripped meditation off Insight, it still makes so many other weapons/ rares/uniques obsolete. We don’t need it added to more things.

So, you are saying a dumb brute barbarian has more insight than a rogue with “Inner Sight” as her main skill.


  • double auras other than might> relying on a merc with terrible AI to mow down mobs (even in 2.4 the improved AI is still terrible); just check how much time your merc has to kill mobs, barely if your character is already powerful

  • paladin auras granted from swords (especially meditation) makes WAY more sense than on a bow from a lore/fantasy standpoint (hence why i mentioned the pally with sword and shield on new character selection screen)

  • bowazons get their mana from manasteal and pots, my ww barb has no problem with mana even with 2% mana leech lol. insight already makes sense on a2 merc polearms, but on a bow it doesn’t make sense at all.

Useing insight in swords will make A2 merc useless in early game. Amazon elemental bow skills are highly mana expensive, specialy early on, so giveing them insight in a bow makes more sense than anything. Also they wanted to make other merc usefull, giveing it to A1 merc is a good idea from this standpiont. And there are already bows whit auras on them. Why aren’t those a problem for you? And bowdins are a thing just saying.

Why is this a problem for you when a5 merc is NEVER played? A5 merc is still useless in 2.4 because of a2 merc aura utility. And still insight makes way more sense on a sword than on a bow. And your issue with only early game futility of a2 merc is a small one especially when most people spend their time end game. This issue would only be for single players that don’t play online, which would be a terrible business decision to not have insight on a sword when most players play online (and again from a fantasy standpoint it makes way more sense for the meditation aura to come from a sword, not a freakin’ bow that almost no one would use on a merc for best in slot builds).

A main point for insight on a sword is so the a5 merc can use it with a lawbringer offhand. Then the warcry/singer barb can replace the light sorc for bis key farming (makes the most sense because warcry is getting buffed in 2.4 so why would they not add this very important change idk). Also insight on a sword can easily open new cool merc builds for ww barbs and other physical or caster builds too. You know what insight does on a bow for MOST people? Nothing lol.

Physical bowazons are a meh dmg spec that’s super expensive and can’t optimize teleport speed compared to really fast tele specs so barely anyone plays it except for rich people for the sake of maximum optimization. Ele bowazon dmg may be a lot lower compared to physical, so might as well play a sorc/druid/pally if you want an element-themed build that can teleport WAY faster. And buying quivers constantly is a nuisance. If the devs buff them drastically then it’s a maybe but for now it’s a definite pass for most people.

Lastly, insight as a main bow for a bowazon of any spec is just inferior to many other weps/runewords. It’s best for mercs not players.

Oh sorry. Now I see that you are only capable of thinking in endgame. Whit a metawashed brain you’re unable to see the usefullness of an Insight bow, and any merc whitout an aura. Try thinking outside of what you’re used to, and you’ll see how good an A5 merc is and the Insigt bow. When a fish can’t swim, it’s not the water’s fault.

Keep insulting, makes you more qualified for the moderator report

By the way, a3 mercs use swords so then a3 would be a bit more useful because of this also, especially the light dmg one if it can spam static field in patch 2.4 (then a3 merc would probably be top aoe dps out of all mercs if so). I want to play different mercs but the devs aren’t making the right choices so we’re stuck playing the same builds over and over again.

You want to advocate changes that have very little impact and make little sense to the d2 fantasy. I want to increase the usefulness of more builds without compromising the d2 fantasy.

All i’m saying is you need to approach things differently now.