Impossible to play in the morning

Should at least add a group chat for all people in queue to talk about how much fun we are having every morning.

It would clean up the forums a bit maybe allowing people to vent in real time with others in same boat.

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I have not played for a few days and today I tried to only to find this wonderful que. I started off at 154 and after 30 minutes I got to 8. Then when I finally got to login it failed and now I’m back to 128. I give up.

I guess I’ll try again later. Thanks Blizzard for having such awesome servers.

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Queue 178…waiting 25 min and than? Fail connection….now again queue 123

Wow what a bull**it Game

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I’ve been in 4 different queues this morning, all leading to the “Cannot connect to server” popup when I finally make it down to position 0.

Over 3 and a half hours so far, and I’m currently number 46 in my 5th queue this morning.

What a bunch of clowns running this sh*t show… :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


I can more play if the server are 2-3h every day down….this queue and 60sec GCT make the Game unplayable

I only came here because I’m in a queue right now at 9:30am PST. And yes it’s going down at the speed of a snail. It’s one thing to have a queue which actually moves with some speed. It’s another entirely to have one that takes 15-30+ minutes to get past.

I’m just going to setup a power on by RTC in my BIOS at 7am then add Diablo 2 to my windows startup boot so when I’m up before work at 8 maybe I’ll have a good 40 - 60 minutes to play.

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It took me working through 5 different queues and almost 4 hours to connect this morning.

This is going from joke to farce in no time… :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

I just have my first double queue and I have no idea why…waited 20 minutes to get in, get to character list, then another queue popped up to see my characters, like wtf? And no I didn’t press B or whatever, I waited the entire time for the first queue. SO WHY AM I IN ANOTHER ONE. I am so frustrated right now. What is going on with this company to implement such shoddy stuff.

And again „ Cannot connect to server“ after queue was over….

How can this company so bad?

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how DARE you expect people to read and gather information before coming to %#@&! and moan in the forums, you sir have some radical ideas

The nerve of some people ya know? Sheesh :smiley:

I can get in with no wait time.
And when I actually have to wait, it’s usually maybe 5 other people ahead of me in queue.

Currently 273 in queue at 9:32AM. This is rough.

because they cant kick the people who are AFK in the lobby or in game to save their spot. If only they kick those people not doing anything on the lobby in 10mins we would have a good flow of people going in and out.

last night i was just afk for 6 hrs and not getting kick it was just a test.

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I woke up early was 136 in queue and eventually got in (~45 minutes). Crashed out within 5 minutes. Re-entered at ~270 in queue. Frowny face.

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It’s a never ending cycle. People queue by the hundreds while carrying on about their day only to get in the game while they’re not home causing other players to have to queue by the hundreds.

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It is not a regional server issue. The game has a global database that they update with information from the regional servers. You can read more here about what the issues are:

Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward - General Discussion - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums (

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I wish there was something more recent or regularly updated concerning that set of problems and fixes going forward. Otherwise it’s just a black box that says “TRUST ME”.

Sadly software isn’t as easy as people might think, but I agree having a weekly community manager post with an update would be nice. Even something along the lines of “no new real progress yet but we are still working on it, more complex then we thought, etc.” would be useful to at least assure people they are still working on it.

Silence in this case is NOT golden as people will start filling in the void – usually not in a good way.