Importing diablo 2 characters

Anyone have an idea how to import the classic diablo 2 saves for offline single player?

I’ve read several articles that you can or should be able to, but no details on how to actually import them.

I figured it’d just be a copy pasta the characters from the diablo II/Save/ directory to something like Diablo II Resurrected/Save but to my horror I don’t see any folder for saves. Anyone have any success in importing their characters?

I’d hate to have a key feature missing day 1.


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i paid for d2 back in April and i Cant find it to down load ?

also i cant use their ticket system cos i dnt have correct files to add

for me there was a dropdown on the left side of the blizz app that let me select D2 resurrected and from there I could install. I did play the beta so I had the beta on there as well as the game proper. Hope that helps.

I’m happy to report I was just able to figure out how to do this and it seems to work very well! Here is what I did:

  • In D2R, create a new character just so you can easily find the folder where it is stored.
  • Next, go to C:\Users\Admin\Saved Games\Diablo II Resurrected (or wherever this particular file is located). Hopefully your newly created character is stored there (it was for me). If you can’t find this folder I found searching whatever drive D2R is installed on for my character’s name eventually found the right folder.
  • Go to the folder containing your old characters and drag-and-drop all files with your old character’s name into the Diablo II Resurrected folder. I believe mine were .ctl, .d2s, .key, .ma0 (and other numbered files), and a .map file.
  • Load up D2R and presto! There is your old character.

Hope this helps!


I appreciate the speedy response. I was able to import a couple of my characters, looking at debugging the others. I don’t play with mods or anything so I’m unsure why some of them aren’t showing up.

At the end of the day though I appreciate you unblocking my efforts and I’ll share this post with my buddies on discord.


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That’s actually the official way to copy the D2 single player chars over to D2R!


Huzzah! I did something officially right without knowing it :grinning:

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I had a question about playing offline characters on LAN. I know the older version lets you play through LAN and open, anyone know if this is possible? Not much of a point to porting over your character if you can’t play with others.

Unfortunately they removed LAN and TCP/IP functionality with D2:R for “security reasons”.

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Does anyone know why the game needs to connect in order to play single player…? Will it always be like this?

IIRC Starcraft II did this as well, so I’m guessing it will always be this way. Note that you don’t have to actually login to anymore (like legacy D2), since it’s pulling your credentials through from the launcher, so maybe there’s some hand shakes that go on like that.

With Legacy D2 you could “time travel” and play single player any patch you wanted, I wonder if this “online check” will force you to patch to the latest version even for offline play?

The game client wants to synch with your Bnet account to validate your game license. It will probably do the same thing about every 30 days. Once you “check in” your offline game will be playable again.

It is an anti piracy measure.


Damn… SO without a connection, single player is off limits? :frowning:

Ahh, thanks for the clarification

In the “beginner tool tips” it claims that offline characters can be played without an internet connection, so you should be okay. So maybe it’s just once per 30 days like Miss C suggests? I’ve started the D2:R client several times today and it’s had the “Connecting to” message every time as it loads in though, so I’m not sure?

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No problem. I am looking forward to being able to play offline when I travel. I just have to remember to synch it up before I leave! Then I assume I have at least 30 days before I need a connection again.


One thing to point out is that the reverse wont work:

Once a legacy D2 char is played in D2R, it can’t be copied back to legacy D2.


will they implement an open mode? What’s the point of porting over your character if you can’t play with folks?

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Solo play, which is just as valid a mode as playing with folks.

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