If BOS is going to a prebuff available for all

Is there any logical reason why Assassin’s still won’t be able to stack Burst of Speed and Fade?


How about BALANCE?

Come on man, you can’t be serious.

I don’t know what you mean by “prebuff,” but burst of speed has been available “for all” since the 1.11 patch that added class-themed armor runewords that do not require a specific class to wear them… so in D2R it has always been available to any player/mercenary.

Having said that: I would love it if those buffs could stack :grinning:

I think you mean: FADE


That’s Fade… :rofl:

Really? Every physical build running around with prebuffed BOS is “BALANCE”?


Don’t care if you stack anything.

But also don’t care about anyone running BoS as a prebuff as I don’t think most care. Players borrow all sorts of buffs from other classes if they want. It is just another option.

Nah Some skills should just be left to their specific classes. BoS being one of them. Doesn’t help that it breaks all end game melee builds and makes fanatacism worthless. Stacking that with the resistances and DR of fade, would just be brutal.

Let the game have tradeoffs.

Hopefully this becomes a moot point when the devs reconsider the Burst of Speed on striking mechanic after reviewing my feedback and remove it completely.

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Its nothing more than a proc. It will be annoying to rely on late game.

The devs clearly don’t care about balance when it comes to paladins and sorceresses did why is it a problem with assassins?

Mosaic should be how ma skills work in the first place. Perhaps scaling chance of not consuming a charge?

Nah bos is needed for bowzons. This is a great addition hopefully they don’t listen to one persons opinion and change it. Shakes up a stale meta and opens up more endgame bow options.

if balance is the goal then nobody else should get BoS heh. a balance has 2 sides.

Imagine builds min/maxing in an ARPG becoming extremely powerful. That would be crazy.

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Does not make any skills worthless but it does indeed make some more viable. Holy shock auradin and fire claw druid comes to mind.

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Fire claw is still nerfed but its less bad. With BoS a fire claw bear can reach 7 frames instead of the NINE they were reduced to even with a friggin 6 shaeled pb

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Yea every physical build running around with fortitude and bos is balance how else do they keep up with enigma users? People have really strange perceptions of what is op.

By that logic then no one other than sorcs should get teleport.

This, but unironically. Not a wizard? Hope you have strong legs. Welcome to high fantasy.

Read my detailed post, it goes in depth about why it should not be included.