I can confirm no ladder at launch

It can be extracted - although vaguely - from this method of doing 4 and 5 day betas that they are confident that they’re ready for prime time and only need a short duration test to achieve their goals.

Just my two cents though. Just need to keep in mind these beta tests aren’t first and foremost for our enjoyment but to try and explode their servers to see if they need to make improvements prior to launch.

This is just bad, they should give more information on when exactly they are planning to start the ladder. I do not want to play with non ladder runewords and then also to have to start over again when ladder launches. Also already planned to take time off work with several friends so that we can all start together right from the start and grind like the good old days.

Exactly, cant agree more.

Thinking about this.

If they do Ladders like D3 Seasons then they will release the game - give it a week - then release the Ladder.

They normally do that in D3 just to make sure the patch releases without major tech hiccups before Season start.

It sort of makes sense. I hope they keep that short time frame AND let people know ahead of time what that Ladder start date will be.

Well this adds more fuel to the “why gate items in ladder” fire.

I’m just worried that ladder will never be added, like the issues WC3 reforged had.

I would consider the possibility that Blizzard themselves does not know how long it will take for things to settle down. If D2R lanch goes brilliantly and there are no bugs/exploits found, then it will be sooner. If there is a bunch of stuff that need to get fixed it will be longer.

Since D2R has not launched, it would be speculation on Blizzard’s part about how well/poorly things went right at launch and if some things needed to be fixed before ladder.

They would not dare (I hope). They would get a serious Cheetah glare of disapproval for certain. They better not get their WC3R my D2R!

That is my thinking. I would not be shocked if they have a Best case plan A, then plans B, C, D, and omg fire.

Your worry appears to be unfounded. They have said ladders will be coming. The whole W3R fiasco actually helps in that regard. There is no way on earth that D2R will not have ladders.


Makes sense to me. I won’t let lack of immediate ladder get in the way of my enthusiasm, but I definitely enjoy the ladder seasons.

They said PvP would be coming for D3 as well and we know how that turned out. Legally they met it…but the game ended up in a very different place than the original plans started. I don’t care about PvP, but some others did and to have it promised, then pushed, then promised then, “brawling”. Never really a good explanation of why that was removed (RNG and balance I think was mentioned?).

Then WC3R…

I think they won’t dare do a WC3R again though. And they got a lot of negative feedback about how they handled the PvP feature for D3 as well.

If there was no Ladder for D2R they would be toast.

That is a little different. PvP in D3 was a feature under development that went sideways at/post release.

Ladders are something that has been around for >15 years and something that is still done in D2.

Precisely. Blizzard does not want another W3R fiasco.

Blizzard loves a fiasco. As their current legal troubles clearly show.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they removed ladder words/items to punish D2jsp losers who stole dads credit card and made ladder nothing more then a race to 99 for title of king of the nerds.

Weird… usually, these type of releases (which are not ready and probably need server and bug fixes) are called early access…

If you let your customers pay for testing the game, at least call it early access and don’t pretend, the game was finished by the 23rd of Sep.

Just my humble opinion.

Other than that, avoiding server crashes from a massiv day 1 hype makes a lot of sense ofc.

I think they want to wait a few weeks to see how secure is the game in terms of fighting exploits for hackers so the first ladder doesnt start broken.

It is not about testing the game, but about testing the hackers skills to break the game so devs can fix that before it is too late.

I also want a ladder at release date, but i prefer a delayed ladder start to a broken/hacked ladder start.

Ladder will start early 2022 lol

Don’t remind me about that. Anyhow its a different dev team

with the latest departures i think just about every team other than maybe wow is a different dev team atm. not that i would be opposed to a little summer/fall cleaning of that last team either.

As long as they give us beta date a week / few weeks ahead im fine with this. Ill be farming LLD items in the meanwhile.

This is a complete mistake… the point of having an open beta is to test the servers…

All this is doing is splitting the player base from the get go. The new crowd of people playing the game for the first time will see little point in starting over with ladder… the “og’s” won’t find a point in player nonladder.

The stress test will come with ladder. If “testing stability” is their reasoning then they are more out of touch with their player base than when they announced Diablo Immortal.

Extend the beta… don’t make it a “live game” which is essentially still beta test.

Please reconsider this. LOL