How long am I supposed to wait between games?

I’m just trying to do Baal runs, which take a min of 2 minutes in game and then I wait ,like 10 to 15 second after I leave the game before I type the name of the next game in the series and join it. It works once or twice and then I start getting that message about not being able to connect the server, the one which shows when you’re apparently queuing too fast.

How long am I supposed to wait… 15 seconds is not enough? The game will be full if I wait any longer. Is anyone else running into this problem where if you try to join a new game after leaving an old one it takes several minutes to be able to go again?

I read the post about modern player behavior and the timer on new games but this is insane.

The wait time is around 60 seconds right now. This is not intended to be permanent, but is in place while they work on larger fixes to the database architecture and such.

You can read about it in the engineering post they put up yesterday.

Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out. It just astounds me how much issues they have with game launches. They never seen prepared for the volume of players year after year. I just don’t get it.

I’d like feedback from the company itself on why they always seem so unprepared for launches.

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