Hordaric Cube Bugs

Here are some bugs associated with the Hordaric Cube

  1. In the original game (with LoD), Deckard Cain would identify items in the Cube if you were carrying it and had unidentified items inside - now he doesn’t.
  2. The Cube in Act II: if you drop the Cube on the ground, it resets the quest log so when you pick it back up, your quest log shows a new quest. This also resets Deckard Cain so the next time you talk to him, he says “You have quite a treasure there…” every time. Note: I carry the Cube with me, and put stuff inside to sell back in town - and the fastest way to empty it is drop it and pick it back up.

Note - Number 2 happened in the original game also.

While I approve of the issue reports you wrote, please don’t combine separate issues in 1 topic - it only makes thinks harder to track

Both are problems with the Cube - so I put them as one topic. #2 is a QoL improvement and annoys me - I fix to #2 is not to reset the quest flag when you drop the Cube. The flag is something that says the quest is done or not.

A friend called me a “Vacuum Cleaner” in D2 - I pick up everything and take it back to town to sell. The Cube hold 12 slots and takes up 4 in your inventory so I can carry more before going back to sell.

This has been reported many times. I’d like to see this fixed too. I even made a video of it to confirm that he ID’d items in the Cube in the original game. But, he does not ID items in the Cube in D2:R.

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Source: Writing a good bug report

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No, that is not helpful really. If development team ever takes these issues, they will take them separately, even though to you it looks like they are both “related to horadric cube”.

In fact I can say to you with complete certainty that they are very different

Identifying problem is in the game not scanning your “cube inventory” for identification

Cain talk problem seems like an issue with quest state. Picking up a cube starts the quest, and makes Cain talk to you about it; so I would guess that picking up the cube actually sets off Cain talk independently of the quest state (missing condition check).