Horadric Cube disappeared/missing and I can't get it back?

I spent so much time and gathered 6 Perfect Gems and created a great Amulet.
When I re-enter the game, the cube plus my amulet disappeared!!
Blizzed! Give it back to me! My precious!

First and last time I will pre-order anything.
This buggy, glitchy mess of a “game” is the nail in the coffin for me.

I hope EVERYBODY sues the crap out of you, Blizzard!

Pathetic scammers and trash human beings that you are!

After a sudden power outage when I relogged into the game my horadric cube and some gems disappeared, now I can’t the cube back. :frowning:


If you happen to lose your cube as I did. you can load your character back into normal difficulty and fast travel to Act 2 Halls lvl 2. proceed to finish the tomb and it should Drop from the chest at the end (the chest illuminated by purple light.) it takes like 5 min.


I’ve only noticed some minor bugs like the Merc getting stuck. I don’t see what it is you’re experiencing.

Well this sucks.

Upgraded my viperskin using cube recipe. Aterwards I went to kill baal.
During the fight the game crashed. When I got back in my cube was gone and my viperskin too.

Some of the folks claim they have upgraded to exceptional ane elite type of items and claim they went to Halls of the Dead lvl 3 to get the cube…

… But were You all doing it on normal difficulty? because on nightmare and hell the cube doesn’t drop. this is intended. only Halls of the Dead on normal difficulty should provide the cube… at least in that’s how it works on D2LoD

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I have this problem today. Cube is gone, though I’m not sure at what point it disappeared. Tried doing normal halls of the dead several times, exiting the game completely between each attempt and it won’t drop.

The cube only disappeared on the character I was playing. Another character on the same account still has her cube.

Any advice on recovering this character? Or is it toast completely?

I left game earlier and game crashed and i had just found Tals Armor in cows in that game. I couldn’t get to any of my bnet characters for like an our and then when I finally could my cube was gone and the Tals armor that I had just found and put into my stash is also gone along with a few other items. It is as if the game got rolled back but dont understand the cube missing… WTF I was so pumped about Tals armor drop… FML

Kill the council in Trav, they drop the cube if you don’t have one.

Thanks mate!!! You saved the day!!!

Yesterday the Server crashed and a little Rollback happened.

Just before the Crash, i cleared the Properties of my Mercenaries Etheral Colossus Voulge “Insight” with a Hel Rune + Teleport Scroll. After that i put a new “RAL TIR TAL SOL” Combo in it to get a new Insight. So far so good, wenn i logged in today, my Horadric Cube was missing. The runes were dumped into my Intenvory, but the Ethereal Colossus Voulge is gone. My Mercenary has no weapon eqipped and its not in my Personal Chest/Inventory. Getting a new Cube in Act2 didnt solve the problem. I just got a new empty cube… Thanks Blizz.

Well, I was fighting Mephisto and had to quit the game so I got back to camp. The game was not even crashed. The whole day yesterday I cannot log into Battle.net. Today when I logged in, my cube and everything inside was gone! Terrific! What should I do now???

Well the Error is still in the game. I just lost my Cube and the perf Amethyst I created 15 minutes ago. Also gone is everything that dropped from the Countess seconds before the crash. Well it was just a Ko Rune, but the Error is no fun at all…

wow i just created a bunch of caster amulets and got 2 skills 18 fcr and when i made new game my cube was gone and all the amulets and materials i used…wtf

Mine is gone as well

Lost my cube after crash. ActIV just after opening all seals to Diablo. So created a new character. And now my rogue isnt visible on my screen. Her marker is visible on the map.

Missing Horadric Cube D2R - (Solution Confirmed)

  1. Create a NORMAL game.
  2. Travel to the Halls of the Dead Level 2 Waypoint.
  3. You will find a replacement Horadric Cube on Level 3 inside a purple glowing treasure chest.
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You do NOT need to have the quest. This will NOT work in any other difficulty.


This does work to recover the Horadric Cube but does not help if there was something IN the Cube when it disappeared. Blizzard really needs to fix this!!!

My cube is gone with loot inside as well. PS4 single version

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