HolyBolt and D2R moving D2R to D3 and PoE

I like that Holy Bolt also damage demons… But it is way to strong in PTR and it looks like the Holy Holt / Fist of the Heaven builds takes D2R one step closer to D3 and Path of Exile! And I do not like that transformation at all. Please let the dmg from Holy Bolt not be 100 % to demons, please cap it to maximum 40 % to demons when 20 hard points in both Holy Bolt and Fist of the Heaven this patch. 40 % damage are still way higher than the current 0 % to demons. Maybe increase it to 1,5 per hard point or 2 points per hard point in a patch a future patch, but never let it reach 100 % to demons. Be more true to the original use case of this skills.

If you want game breaking builds you proberly like D3 more, or are botting and just want these builds to get a lot of runes and forum gold and you do not care about the original D2 experience and graphic style anyway.

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no its nice as is…and if was me i’d buff holy bolt some more to be effective on P8 setting…maybe not as much as b-hammer level but close to it

btw demons health pool is way highter than other mobs so that would harm it way too much and make the build undesirable by bout everyone

goal was to make the skill viable…not leave it in the dumpster

if by “true”… you mean fail balancing from the past…its not the way to go
did you think holy bolt proc from FoH was intended to under perform ? i seriously doubth it…especially in end gear

edit: also wanna note…most players would hate having to whack the same mob for 10 min or a boss for 1 hour because dps is crap…or even never seeing the good stuff drop(which without a decent kill speed would never be possible to find if dps were not near S tier builds)…short say you like to suffer…most ppl dont like to feel frustrated at never finding gear and you should know that the majority of players are like that otherwise you would not see that many ppl playing the S tier builds

you can handicap yourself by restricting how much point goes into skills if you want to play “take an eternity to kill stuff”

D2 mobs have no mechanics…so having long fight mean nothing when its hack and slash all without using our brain


That safety FoH provides and massive damage it deals seems too much.
So they made another build that deals great damage from distance, while all melees still get beaten hard by all the mobs, mana burns, decrep curse, dealing way less damage, so weapon dependand. Great priorities…

Only downside for FoH is dealing with Ancients, and not able to do Cows. You skip animals, and blast everything from safe distance.
Anyway it will be one of the best builds for Chaos and Baal runs. Which is all that really matters in the 90% of game.

50% unresistable damage to demons is enough. Same should go for Blessed hammer.

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“Looks like” is not evidence. Come up with the numbers. The damage FoH holy bolt does is 5.5k dmg at maximum. its the same as the bonemancer. and we all know that he is not viable. the difference between them is the aoe. Foh is circular and with pierce and autoaim, the other one is linear with pierce. i did playthroughs with 2 foh paladins up until hell. Something like 80% of act 2 and 60% of act 3 are immune to holy bolt and FoH. there should be a payoff for that. picking them off 1 by one is not really an option with that mana cost. my gear was standart caster gear i could get (lore, double spirit, insight, stealth, fcr rings/amu)
the only thing i criticize is the mana cost at lower levels (level 6-18) being too low for Holy bolt (2 mana). raising that up to 3 or 4 base cost would be more balanced. at low levels you shouldnt be able to spam, even the sorc can’t do that. for comparison: Fireball starts at 5 mana and gains 0.5 for every level, ice bolt starts at 6 mana.
also, just lowering damage is a bad idea. if at all, you raise the cool down back to what it was (0.4 to 1.0/0.8/0.6).
to put the damage numbers into context:
a Oblivion knight in hell has 5564-9273 life in p1 and 25% magic res. in players 8 that number gets 4x. FoH holy bolt does a bit less than 5.5 k damage. on p1 you can barely 1 shot them. raising cool down would adjust clearing time for higher difficulties better, while guaranteeing viability at p1. but even then, after 2 playthroughs, i dont think that is neccessary, not for nerf OR buff.


I provide feedback based on what I feel when I play and what I see in big streamers builds. But if you like numbers I bet you can get them. The only numer I give is in current live D2R Holy Bolt does 0 % damage against demons and I do not want it to go above maximum 50 % to respect the legacy and original intention of the skill design. Or let it be as Static Field, you can not do the killing blow against demons with Holy Bolt, you need something else.

Here is a streamers video:

again, you watch stream and get fearfull, but never put in the work to actually test it and compare numbers. these are probably characters with complete end gear (9 skillers, torch+anni, etc.) i played 2 paladins in ptr, one up until hell a2, which is a pain in the butt, all those monsters you encounter in the desert, they are ALL immune to all your skills. i later on switched to smite and conversion and just let my partner kill them. which is fine, there should be immunes like the sorc has. but this should be considered in your evaluation. again, the numbers dont point at power creep.


just ignore Fejdlysten, he hates Paladins with a passion. He wants to nerf every aspect of the paladin even if it is not needed.

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if he had proper evidence i wouldnt care if he hates or loves them. i would like to see a nerf for the hammerdin too. but i run the numbers and have a resonable approach to it, instead of just yelling “DO XY. XY IS TOO OP”. if he at least proved his statements it would be a different thing.

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It doesn’t need a nerf. It’s really good in certain scenarios and completely sucks in most places, outside of a few areas. There are still a ton of beasts/animals in the game that you can’t even damage with holy bolts. Keep the meta builds in mind when comparing the newly buffed builds. A hdin is still way better than FoH overall.


HB / FoH is less damage than Hammerdin and has more limitation where it can farm.

So just stop, giving us options with out a power creep is a good thing


well yeah the paladin is BEYOND broken in almost every aspect of the game that matters.

no class should be elevated to the level of paladins… that makes the game a cake walk for everyone and ruins the need to form teams and play with others.

its the paladin needs to nerf to oblivion which would of course bring it inline with the other classes and the rest of the game.

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yea i agree hammerdin is OP but FOH is not nearly as OP as hammerdin. Not even close.


Hammerdins magic dmg should not get the +dmg from Concentration, just the other parts /or give chance to withstand knockback/stun).
Holy Bolt should just give +2 % dmg to Deamons per lvl and cap at 50 % dmg to Deamons.

no. the numbers say you are wrong.


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