High CTB or High Defense

Hi, I have 2 shields with both having 44 all res:

  1. 37 Defense, 55% Chance to block
  2. 114 Defense, 40% Chance to block

I intend to socket them and make Spirit.
Which one do you suggest? I am building a FOH paladin.

Assuming you play softcore, you won’t go max block with a FoHdin anyway. You cast your spells from far away, so 80 more defense is also irrelevant for you.
Kind of depends a bit if you only want FoH or make a hybrid with i.e. Smite/Holy shield for bosses/ubers, but then other stats of the shield also play a role (smite damage).
I’d socket both and use the better roll for now. You can remove the runes later if you want to use the shield for a different purpose.

I am playing softcore offline. Pure FoHdin.

(I have a different Smiter character)