Hey, No Developers? No skills?

The Stack is your answer?

no Skills? no Developers??

server boom is very simple problem!

why not solve?

no study? no paper?


If it were a simple problem, it would be solved already.

They did talk about the issues in detail here

The game creation timer and queue are in place to keep the servers stable while they work on the main issues with the database handling player load.

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No. we Paid for Playing already.

They must sove it like Eating Donut.

And we have The Rights, saying The Simple Problem.


keep the servers stable = keep players out of game? Nice one.


these server drops are cause by spam bots in public chat instead of queing up the login why not just disable public chat ban the lobby. That way we can still play and the bots won’t be able to get on with their spamfest.

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You can pick one right now:

  • Severs down, NOBODY plays, rollbacks and lost progression
  • A queue that delays people getting in but no server crash or rollbacks

The main solution is to reprogram the database infrastructure which they are working on according to the article they posted with all the details. In the mean time, stopping the server crashing is a reasonable middle step.

Last Saturday the servers were Globally down for 5 hours or more. So, this is better than it was. It is not great, but some playing is better than no playing.

If it was a normal company, it would have been resolved already.

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We don’t want “Part Playing”, We want “All Playing”.

If D2R was free, I wouldn’t have made this claim.
But, No.

they Must solve it, Must service it, Must announce it.

Server? DB? old Document?
The customer, not interesting it.
Service! as we Pay for it.


imo, that should’ve been done BEFORE the actual release


Man, this is not even an opinion. Its a damn fact.

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YES. I have lots of opinions about that. If I knew it was going to be an issue and I am a normal nobody, why did they not anticipate this?

A 20 year old DB designed for individual regions with a smaller gaming population vs a Global infrastructure with 2021 gaming numbers. How did they think that was going to scale?

I would bet money some of the actual engineer folks told them as much and some suit did not want to do the revisions and wanted to take chances. Well, now they HAVE to do the DB work, and they have to do it after launch when it impacts players.

Not cool.

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I wouldnt bet, i would just call it as it is. But hey, thats just me.

Not Ours. you don’t think??

Jeez. For the first time in my D2/WoW history I see message like this from Blizzard. Nice.

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